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Mirror Maze


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Ms. Landin's Class of Circle Pines, MN

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Materials Needed

  • 3 small mirrors
  • clay
  • black paper
  • chalk
  • talcum powder
  • string



  1. Try to get light to reflect off of three mirrors and then shine on the back of a book.
  2. Begin by testing one mirror at a time. Shine the flashlight on it to see what direction the light reflects off of it. Keep track of the light directions.
  3. Then, predict how you should arrange the three mirrors so that the light will shine on the back of the book.
  4. Now, set up the three three mirrors and the book You can get the mirros to stand up by placing some clay on the part of the mirror that's touching your work surface.
  5. Then turn off the lights and shine your flashlight on the first mirror. Does it work?
  6. Not quite? Keep experimenting with the position of the mirrors in order to get it to work.

Now it's time to experiment. Instead of using three mirrors, use four. Were you able to do it? Then, send your results to our special feedback area, and every week we'll publish a whole bunch. Share your results with the world, right here at ZOOM! And, don't forget to send new experiments for others to try.

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Some of your Results

Isaac, age 5 of Memphis, TN wrote:
It worked out fine! I just moved the mirrors in lots of positions- it went wrong a few times- but I got it! I used all four mirrors. I had to move the book a little to use four mirrors instead of three. In fact I'm really interested in science.

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