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Science Rocks!

Lemon Juice Rockets II


your results

Sent in by:
Michael of GA and Kyle of MI

Have a blast-off! Pop a cork!

Materials Needed

  • tomato juice
  • lime juice
  • grapefruit juice
  • 3 large clear glasses
  • baking soda
  • 3 1/2 liter water bottles
  • corks that tightly fit the opening of the water bottles
  • safety goggles
  • paper and pencil



  1. Check with a grown-up before you begin.
  2. If you've ever made a Lemon Juice Rocket, you'll remember that lemon juice and baking soda combine to form bubbles of carbon dioxide gas. But it's not just lemon juice that can make bubbles and pop a cork. Test out three different acidic juices to find out which can shoot a cork rocket the farthest. The ZOOMers tested lime juice, grapefruit juice and tomato juice.
  3. The ZOOMers charted their results. To make your own chart, write the liquids you test in rows on the left side of your page and write the results you want to track in columns at the top of your page. The ZOOMers recorded Height of the Bubbles, Reaction Time in Cup, Height of Rockets and Reaction Time of Rockets.
  4. Predict which liquid will be fastest and slowest. Predict which will go highest and lowest. Write your predictions on your chart so that you can compare them later to your results.
  5. To start the activity, put one teaspoon of baking soda in each of three clear glasses.
  6. Add one cup of each liquid you are testing to each of the glasses.
  7. Observe and chart the reactions of each of your liquids to the baking soda. Which liquid bubbled the highest? Which reacted the slowest? Write your results on your chart and compare them to your predictions.
  8. Now, test these liquids as rocket fuel. Make sure you do this part outside, because these rockets make a mess when they blast off.
  9. Based on your results from testing the liquids in glasses, make predictions about how well each rocket will perform. How high will it go? How quickly will it blast off?
  10. Write your predictions on your chart to compare to your results later.
  11. To build your rockets, pour one cup of each liquid you are testing into each of your water bottles.
  12. Make three fuel cells out of one teaspoon of baking soda wrapped in a square of toilet paper.
  13. Test one rocket at a time. Just drop the packet of baking soda into the bottle, put the cork in the top of the bottle and wait.
  14. Time how long it takes to fizz up and launch the rocket. Compare how high the rockets fly.
  15. Once you have launched each of your rockets, record your results on your chart.

Compare your results to your predictions. Were you spot on or way off? Why do you think the liquids reacted they way they did? Make sure you send your results to ZOOM!

Some of your Results

Guetchine, age 13 of New York wrote:
it was cool did it for science fair at school

Mike, age 10 of Beverly wrote:
lime juice worked the best

Max, age 10 of Beverly, MA wrote:
I made a godzilla sized rocket with 5 table sponns and 9 cups of lime juice

Dylan, age 8 of Tacoma, WA wrote:
the lemon juice fizzed up a lot and then it blew up too the ceiling. then we mixed the lemon juice with orange juice and baking soda and it went even higher! it was cool.

Dedrek, age 11 of Miami wrote:
My results is when I put the lemon juice and baking soda in to the bottle it created a chemical reaction pushed the cork in out of the bottle.

Zac, age 11 of Germantown, TN wrote:
The vinegar and the lemon juice reacted in about average 2 1/2 seconds. When the orange juice and coke just fizzed, so it worked.

Robert, age 4 of Collierville, HI wrote:
It went really high. And it almost it me so I had to jump away.

Blake, age 4 of Collierville, TN wrote:
It blew up about what I think was 30 ft.

Jasmine, age 11 of Tampa wrote:
this was totaly awesome I loved the idea it was not only something that you work with but it was extremly fun!!! ttyl ~jazzie~

Diera, age 10 of Memphis, TN wrote:
when I did it it shot up in the air it went s high I didnt see it until it fell back down it was so great thx

Nerlie, age 7 of Sunrise, FL wrote:
it blow up in the air!

Kellie, age 13 of Sacramento, CA wrote:
Mine went so high that I couldn't even tell about how much it was.

Olga, age 10 of Brooklyn, NY wrote:
myn went so high that it touched the ceeling

Duniya, age 10 of Canada, AB wrote:
what happend is it needed some baking soda and lime or lemon to do it. so frist we put a bottle in the middle of the table next we put the lemon jucies in side the bottle. then we put the baking soda inside and hrey and put the cork inside the bottle. then you waent for five min and its started to blow up and the cork flys in the air.

Olivia, age 8 of San Diego, CA wrote:
When I did it the lime was the only one that bubbled in the bottle and cup. This was a fun experiment to do. I want to do it again. I predicted that the lime was the only one that will shoot and I was right. This is a good experiment to do for a progect, science progect ect, and at home you will have alot of fun doing this progect.

Ryan, age 12 of Fontana, CA wrote:
i did a lemon juice rocket and it went atleast 35ft

Chris, age 8 of New York wrote:
It went 30 feet high

David, age 11 of CA wrote:
i made a big rocket dat was 5 feet high and I poured in 3/4 of the bottle with vinegar and a lot of vinegar n I went 55 feet n blew up.

Emily, age 6 of NC wrote:
it was flying 13 feet

Sean, age 11 of Edinburg, TX wrote:
my lemon juice rocket was 40 to 50 feet in the air it was so cool when it happened I said my fav. thing to "oh my god"

Yessenia, age 14 of Miami, FL wrote:
wow... my rocket went 18 feet high. But t was awesome I liked it. You should keep on making more rockets but with different liquids.

Kenzie, age 11 of New York, NY wrote:
It went crazy and it went ten feet high!

Jennifer, age 11 of Cape Town wrote:
I mixed lemon and grape juice and flew twice the height of plain lemon juice It was awsome!!!

Teri, age 9 of Houston, TX wrote:
We didn't have tomato juice but we used vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda. But we did it 3 times and the vinegar won every time.

Stanly, age 10 of Sacramento, CA wrote:
The lime juice work but the other one didn't!!!

Taylor, age 11 of O'Burg, SC wrote:
The cork flew 25 feet in the air! T tried coke, lemon juice, and orange juice. It was awseome!!!

Tre, age 12 of Louisville, KY wrote:
First I tried the lemon juice it worked ok but the vinger worked way better.

Adeza, age 9 of Yonkers, NY wrote:
The lemon juice rocket flew about 23ft. in the air I was surprised.

Shantel, age 9 of Mount Vernon, NY wrote:
The lemon juice bottle fell on its side and still shot straight back, and the cork flu and I couldnot find it.

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