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Sent in by:
Becky of Greenfield, WI and Billy of Reno, NV

Play it cool by building your own ice box.

Materials Needed

  • cardboard box (less than one cubic foot)
  • waxed paper
  • masking tape
  • newspaper
  • aluminum foil
  • rubber bands
  • ice cubes



  1. Using these materials, make a container to see how long you can keep an ice cube from melting. Find out what works best to keep the heat away from the ice cube. Wrapping the box in aluminum foil? Hanging the cube?
  2. Put your ice cube in the container. Take another ice cube and don't put it in a Keep-a-Cube container. It will be your control. In 90 minutes, check both ice cubes. If at the end of 90 minutes, the control ice cube is the same size as the ice cube in your Keep-a-Cube container, the container didn't do much to keep the ice cube from melting.

Keep experimenting with ice cubes. Build another Keep-a-Cube container using different materials, like a plastic bowl instead of a box, or notebook paper instead of waxed paper. Test it out, then share your results with the world in our fabulous ZOOMsci feedback area.

Some of your Results

Victoria, age 10 of NH wrote:
We put and ice cube in a shore box and melt in 1 hour and it work.

Will, age 11 of Kingsport, TN wrote:
they all melted some but the newspaper melted the least.

Ali, age 12 of Elgin, IL wrote:
wow it like totally worked so well. we had a competition in class and I won. it took 16 hours for it to completely melt.

Dj, age 15 of Canton, OH wrote:
what I did was put a plastic bag around the bottle and it worked

ZOOM Fan, age 12 of Tampa, FL wrote:
I took a box and put tinfoil around the inside and then took foam and covered the bottom with it. The ice cube lasted for so long. It was totally cool. love it.

Haliee, age 12 of Marquette, MI wrote:
I am still testing mine. It has been 10 minutes already. I put salt on the bottom of the box. Then I lined the box with aluminom foil. Then I lined the bottom and sides of the box with wax paper.

Alisha, age 12 of Grande Prairie, AB wrote:
for science we needed to keep an ice cube from melting for 6 hours. thanks for your awesome ideas zoom. i'll have the best project out there.

Nikki, age 12 of Grande Prairie, AB wrote:
i'm going to try it for science class. it sounds totally awesome! thanks for the ideas!

Deon, age 12 of New Ellenton, SC wrote:
it stayed soild for 14 hr.

Molly of Alagant, CO wrote:
it completly worked. it didnt melt a bit until after 8 hours!

Robert, age 10 of Mendon, MA wrote:
In science class we did it and it worked. The ice cube barely melted.

Fedly, age 11 of NE wrote:
IT WORKED. amazingly enough, IT WORKED!!! WOW.

ZOOM Fan of China wrote:
it is cool the ice cube is melting slowly...

Jon, age 11 of Kingston wrote:
well when I did it lasted 3hours an 42 minutes and all I did was wrap it in bubul rap and put it in a box, boy was I suprised

Shelby, age 9 of Genoa City, WI wrote:
I used a plastic cup, rubber bands, duck tape, and tin foil and a half an hour latter it was exacaly the same

Makenzie, age 16 of Muncie, IN wrote:
we wrapped the ice cube with foil and then we put wax paper inside on all four sides of the box then we closed the box and it lasted for 55 minutes.

Kylee, age 13 of Muncie wrote:
My ice cube didn't melt in the first 30 mintues that we had to keep from melting for class.

Yaliop, age 11 of New Haven, CT wrote:
in the first time the I didi it it did not work but I did it again and it came the right way... tank you

Ellisa, age 15 of South Bend, IN wrote:
My cube stayed Frozen for about 20 min and it was melting SLOWLY!!

ZOOM Fan, age 12 of Brooklyn wrote:
it reallly worked it stayed there for like a couple of hours I really can't beleive it work im going to tell everyone now

Baloney, age 12 of Honolulu, HI wrote:
It worked omg! haha I put wax paper on the inside and foil on the outside. I also stuffed the inside of the box with cotton balls to soak up the water from the ice cube. You should try it!

Liann, age 12 of Toronto, ON wrote:
I was really proud because it stayed for 'bout 3 days!!! Yipee

Lindsay, age 12 of Media, PA wrote:
It didnt do anything at all. it melt edin one minute.

Cody, age 11 of Hooper, UT wrote:
it like did a weird thing. It like started steaming the it stayed for three and a half hours then we did it a second time and it stayed a cube for over night. awsome!!!

Henry, age 11 of KS wrote:
Take 2 clay pots one biger than the other. take the big one fill it with sand now take the small one and put it in the center of the big pot with the sand. now wet the sand the center pot will stay cold as long as there is water in the sand. it is abot 30 degress farenhight!!!

Albert, age 11 of Sydney wrote:
When I did it, first time it melt second time it kept frozen for 1h

Christina, age 9 of London, ON wrote:
The cube melted and I did it again and it did't melt!

Shelby, age 9 of ME wrote:
Mom and I did this experement. it was fun. what we did was we found an box and we put one cube in it mine lasted 3 hours.

Rachel, age 11 of Omaha, NE wrote:
We covered our box on the out side with foil and the inside with bubble wrap. Then we put our ice cube in and covered it with packing peanuts. It didn't melt at all!

Bailey, age 11 of Omaha, NE wrote:
The first time we tried our cube melted. The second time we tried, we put bubble rap on the bottom & sides, and put cotton balls all over the ice cube. It only melted a tiny bit.

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