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Sent in by:
Teresa of Wabasha, MN

You'll be jammin' on this guitar while experimenting with vibrations.

Materials Needed

  • some empty paper towel rolls
  • about 5 rubber bands
  • empty tissue box
  • scissors



  1. Cut a small hole in one of the two smallest sides of the box.
  2. Put the paper towel roll in the hole and tape it in place. This makes it look like a guitar.
  3. Put the rubber bands around the box covering the hole. You can put them around the long way or the short way. Strum your guitar by running your finger tips over the rubber bands, or try plucking each band by itself.

Now it's time for you to experiment. Think of a question you want answered. Like, what would happen if you made a guitar using boxes that have different shapes like a cereal box or shoebox. Would the sound change? What about tightening the rubber bands? What does that do to the sound? Make a prediction. Then, change one thing-that's the variable-and test it out. When you're done, send your reports to our special feedback area. Be sure to tell us what you thought was going to happen and what actually did happen. Share your results with the world, right here at ZOOM!

Some of your Results

Brookelynn, age 11 of W. Valley, UT wrote:
When I strumed it, it sounded soooo cool!

Karagan, age 10 of KS wrote:
my guitar really made musical guitar sounds!

Ruchi, age 14 of Muzaffarpur, India wrote:
It was very cool. when I make this, I was in need of any adult and my dad helps me. It is very good and its sound is very soft.

Roslyn, age 13 of Jefferson City, MO wrote:
Well when I did it the sound was soft. When I pulled the rubber band to make it tighter the bands made higher sounds. The sounds were louder too.

Tre, age 14 of Jefferson City, MO wrote:
When I tested out the guitar it didn't really make any music, so I had to improvise. I guess I could have pulled the rubber bands tighter now that I think about it. I also could have stuck pencils on each side of the box. There's a lot of things that I could of done, I guess.

Mitchell, age 11 of Jefferson City. wrote:
First I cut a hole in a shoe box, then I took 5 rubber bands and put them over the hole then I put 2 pencil in between the rubber bands.

Nicki, age 11 of Jefferson City, MO wrote:
When I made the guitar I made it with string instead of rubber bands. It depens on if you make the guitar with string or rubber bands I think the rubber bands make a lower sound. than the string.

Tayler, age 16 of Felton, DE wrote:
i could play it its just an ceral box cut a hole on one wide side then put rubber bands up and down it

O'Dell, age 10 of Mitchellville, MD wrote:
Kaleigh, I had to make the strings out of pipe cleaners and leave it on the dining room table so it can dry for 5 min.

O'Dell, age 11 of Mitchellville, MD wrote:
I had to let the glue dry on the guitar and it was the strings.

Teresa, age 13 of Washba, MN wrote:
It was great I gave it to my sister for her birthday.

Micah, age 13 of White House, TN wrote:
It took a little while to complete but I got I working.

Leah, age 16 of London wrote:
I thought it sounded amazing!! It was so fun too, I am now a member of a band and I play it! Our band is Ledley - all of our names!!! Everyone love it!

Brandon, age 8 of Mandeville, LA wrote:
it played real good music

Haley, age 9 of Union, SC wrote:
it made a very werid sound, it sounded nothing like a real guitar!

Tyler, age 9 of Fredrickson, WA wrote:
it made wonderful music

Johanna, age 13 of Yonkers wrote:
It sounded very weird. I enjoyed it though.

Hunter, age 8 of Lebanon, MO wrote:
The guitar sounded a little weird, but it was still a realy fun project to make!!

Adriana, age 9 of Brampton, ON wrote:
I made a guitar with a shoe box but I did not cut a hole I just took the lid off it and it made a louder and lower sound. how I think it happend is that the bigger the hole the more sound it collects and then the more sound that comes out of the sound hole so you would hear it louder. what other resolts did you get?

Ethan, age 9 of Muldraugh, KY wrote:
I had fun when I hard the sound!

John & Kalvin, age 6 of San Jose, CA wrote:
It sounded like a guitar!

Hanson, age 10 of Aiea, HI wrote:
it sounded off, but good

Chloe, age 9 of Barrie wrote:
I was verrry creativ insted of using rubber bands to make gutiar strings I made colouer strings by using hair alasticks it looked AWSUM!!!

Kristen, age 9 of Alliston, ON wrote:
It was so cool! It worked perfectly and it was easy to build!

Nellie, age 9 of Honolulu, HI wrote:
The smaller it was the lower pitched sound it made.

Sara wrote:
The tissue box made a high pitch sound and the cereal box made a low pitched sound.

Randy, age 10 of New Liskerd, ON wrote:
It vibrated and made a weird sound!

Sarah, age 10 of Marrero, LA wrote:
It made a low pitch sound.

Heidi, age 9 of Price wrote:
When I tried tightening the strings it made a high pitch sound.

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