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Sent in by:
Andrew of Sykesville, MD

Is yours going to be a Soaring Eagle or a Clumsy Penguin?

Materials Needed

  • paper
  • paper clips



  1. Can you make a paper airplane that twists and turns a lot whenever you throw it?

Some of your Results

ZOOM Fan, age 12 of Zion, IL wrote:
it flew so fast.

Adam, age 6 of Richmond, VA wrote:
I made the glider how I make my paper airplanes. And then I put paperclips all over it.

Riley, age 11 of Lake Elmo, MN wrote:
My plane is an altered design of an airplane and it soared like an eagle.

Billy, age 8 of Portchester, NY wrote:
it turned the second time, went straight the first time and crashed into the christmas tree the third time. second and third time it turned. 1st time I used 4 2nd I used three. 3rd time was two paper clips. second and third time worked. I didn't use more times than 3.

Malique, age 11 of Fall River, MA wrote:
I did one with a staple and tape.

Dillon, age 9 of Owasso, OK wrote:
I put a paper clip on each side and it hit the wall

Rachel, age 9 of Pennsylvania wrote:
I put 1 paper clip on each side and it turned!

Justin, age 7 of New York wrote:
When I put the paper clips on the sides it went around and around.

Kayla, age 14 of Manchester, IA wrote:
First I put the paper clip at the front of the glider and it flew really goodbut then I put it on the back of the glider and it flew about 3 inches and looped to the ground then I put it in the middle and it just flew to the ground. It was a really fun experiment!

Att wrote:
I experimented some with mine. First I put a paperclip way up near the nose on one wing. It did a bunch of barell rolls. Then I placed it at the end on one wing near were you hold it. and all it did when I threw it was flip over and fly like that.

Stephen and Alli of Winchester, MA wrote:
It went good until it nearly hit my birds cage and then it got stuck in a door because I threw it so fast.

Jacob, age 7 of Port Charlotte, FL wrote:
Mine twisted very fast but it went 6 and a Quarter of a quater I think. (Something is wrong with My Glider! [Its more like a Crashing Spinner])

Brendan, age 7 of Okemos, MI wrote:
My glider flew 20 feet far and ten feet high. It landed good on the snow with a good hit and it slided.

Nathan, age 9 of White Hose, TN wrote:
It wobbled a bunch and it flipped.

Joselyn, age 14 of NS wrote:
My glider kinda had a mind of its own because it made a sharp left turn went up and nearly hit my dog!

Abhinav, age 7 of OR wrote:
I adusted the wings and it flew without twisting!!

ZOOM Fan of Moosonee, ON wrote:
My flew 45 seconds and flew more than 40 feet before it landed!

Tobie, age 8 of Sheerness wrote:
It flew in circles.

ZOOM Fan, age 4 of New Haven, CT wrote:
It flew for about one hour in the park.

Brian, age 7 of Kihei, HI wrote:
It went over 50 feet.

Khristopher, age 8 of Toronto wrote:
The glider fliped alot of times.

Jonathan, age 11 of San Diego, CA wrote:
When my brother & I made the glider with newspaper it worked fine, but we wanted to try to use other material like cardboard&a wire hanger&it worked better.

Derek, age 9 of Danvers, MA wrote:
When I threw it, it flew very smoothly and in a straight line. I used eleven paper clips, and a piece of 8 x 11 white paper.

Tre, age 12 of Chicago, IL wrote:
It was flying for 60 seconds.

Gavin, age 9 of Bedford, TX wrote:
It flew for about 34 seconds.

Bridget, age 11 of Tigard, OR wrote:
When I flew my glider it worked great. It did a full twist in the air.

Tristan, age 6 of Ottawa, IL wrote:
My Glider Crashed.

Daniel, age 9 of Las Vegas, NV wrote:
My glider flew fast and staight but it wiggled a little bit.

Amar, age 7 of Redmond, WA wrote:
My glider is very stable, it has several thickeness of paper in the nose. It flies in a very big circle but it never makes it. I also made another glider that is a boomerang plane. When I put one plane on top of the other they seperate 1/2 of a second after takeoff.

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