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Future City


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Sent in by:
Emily of Abington, PA

What's your vision of a future city? Design your own. And, if you're interested in the Future City Competition seen on the show, check out the Future City Web site for more information.

Materials Needed

  • imagination
  • stuff from around your house to make your city, like...
  • cardboard boxes
  • plastic containers or packaging
  • construction paper
  • foam cups
  • glue
  • tape
  • paint
  • toys
  • paper clips
  • egg cartons
  • clay
  • toothpicks
  • soda bottles
  • balloons
  • large piece of cardboard
  • pencil
  • paper



  1. What do you think cities of the future will be like? What do you think they SHOULD be like? Now's your chance to show the world! Use your imagination and build your very own model city of the future.
  2. Check with a grown-up before you begin. Make sure it's OK to use the objects you choose for your future city.
  3. When you begin designing your future city, remember that a city isn't just a group of buildings. It's a center of population, commerce, and culture. That means people will be living, working, and playing in your city - and your design should reflect that.
  4. Start by drawing up some plans for your future city. Here are some things to think about:
  5. Imagine where people will live, work, and go to school. Where will they get their groceries? What happens to their garbage when they throw it away?
  6. Think about how the city will get energy to power homes and businesses. How will it get food and water to nourish its population? Once you decide how you will provide your city with these resources, you might get inspiration for how to create those sources of power, food and water by looking at few of these activities: Solar Cookers, Lemon Battery, Water Filter, and Biodome.
  7. You'll also need to make sure that people can get around easily from place to place. Once you decide how you will transport goods and people around your city, these activities might inspire you with ideas for building vehicles which might move on air, water, or land: Flinker II, Hovercraft, Soap Powered Boat, and Spool Racer.
  8. And don't forget recreation. How will people have fun? What kinds of museums, playgrounds, and parks will your city have?
  9. When you're done with your plan, start building your city using the materials you've collected. These activities might give you ideas about the different kinds of materials you could use to build your city (your imagination is the only limit): Button Flower, Recycled Junk Creature, and Masks. You may want to build your city on a large piece of cardboard so you can move it around if you need to.
  10. If you need help figuring out ways to build the different kinds of structures in your city, check out these ZOOMsci activities: Build a Dam, Crazy Straw Bridge, Gumdrop Dome, and Cup Tower.
  11. You'll probably find you need to make some changes in your plan as you start constructing your city. Don't worry! It's all part of the process.
  12. When you're done, tell us about it! What does your city look like? What did you use to make it? What were the biggest challenges and how did you solve them? We want to hear every detail, so send it to ZOOM!

Some of your Results

Eden, age 13 of Mission Hills, CA wrote:
It was a lot of fun making it. It is really cool. Use magnets for flying cars

Kealeigh, age 11 of Chicago, IL wrote:
My city had cars flying around and the buildings were very very tall! I made a little little air tube when you turn it on it suckes all the dirty air in and cleans in a blows it out. I also put a sucken cup on the gronds so if someone drops food on the groun the sucken cup sucks it up and it turends into clean air! That is what happened when I made my future city.

Chelsea, age 11 of Olive Branch, MS wrote:
It was cool. I used a pencil for a tower, paper cup for a mall, and a shoebox for a house.

Margot, age 9 of Altoona wrote:
When I made my future city it looked so cool. I made it with food and craft things. I had a parent help me but I did it mostly my self.

Destiny, age 12 of Karnack, UT wrote:
When I tried it, it came out so kool that now I wish I could have a city like that. I used the same things and I added on some and it turned out perfect.

David, age 13 of Zenith, KS wrote:
I was part of the 2006 National Future City Compition in Washington D. C. I worked with seven other very bright 8th graders. Together we had a lot of fun and also learned about what the world will look like in the year 2289.

Gabe, age 9 of Austin, TX wrote:
I watched the Future Cities Competition every day on ZOOM. Then, I wanted to build my own future city. I had trouble at first in finding a base and materials, but soon I found my stuff. I built the city, and named in Electroville. Then, I gave a presentation to my family.

Laura, age 13 of Mt. Pearl, NF wrote:
It's was so cool, I made everthing a city would need in the future, It was so fun! I changed it a bit and used only things from my kitchen I called it "Candy Land" I made cars out of spoons, forks, Knives and carrots, buildings out of Marsh mellow and marshmellow fluff and much more thanks for the idea

Muqadas, age 14 of Brooklyn, NY wrote:
My friends and I got together and just sketched a city. We did'nt build it yet, but are getting to work at it. It consists of all needs in the future, and some public places. A section of the city attracts tourists. Even though we did'nt win any competition, we had fun doing it. Thanks for the idea.

Brittany of St. Isidore Bellevue, SK wrote:
I built a future city out of a egg carton, 3 plastic cups, 7 toy cars, a cardboard box, and a pice of felt, and pipe cleaners, and 14 clothes pins, and cardboard box. When I was done I went 2 get a snack when I came back it was destroyed because my baby brother had just finished watching godzilla and was now copying godzilla it was funny.

Jonathan, age 12 of Queens, NY wrote:
I built my city, Georgetown found in Guyana. I heard of it when I watched ZOOM and decided to build a city. My solar panels are different from Emily's. It was long not cut into rectangles. I had a turbine produce enery. Both wind and water trbine. Georgetown was great!

Arachah of Brisbane, Australia wrote:
Me (say my name like Ay-Raw-Chay) and my 13-year-old sister Nhalisca (NAY-liss-CAW) made a city in Poland called Copernicus. I bet you have heard of Nicholas Copernicus. Well, our Solar Panels like Emily's were different. Copernicus was GREAT!

Elise, age 13 of Mason City, IA wrote:
I designed and built a city that was inspired by the Future City idea. I made mine a replica of a creative city and even added streetlights that light up! I entered it in the North Iowa fair and got a blue ribbon.

Remi, age 12 of Las Vegas, NV wrote:
I used metal and magnets to move the cars and trucks around.

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