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Funnel Lift


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Sent in by:
Courtney of Geneva, NE

Gravity-defying ping pong balls!

Materials Needed

  • ping pong ball
  • funnel



  1. Can you figure out how to use a funnel to carry a ping pong ball from one point to another?
  2. The trick is that the large part of the funnel always has to be pointed downward.
  3. Also, you can't hold the ping pong ball with your finger. Finally, you can't suck on the funnel, but you are allowed to blow.

What kinds of things did you try to get the ball to stay inside the funnel? What worked and what didn't? Why? Try experimenting with funnels of different sizes. Does it matter if the funnel is bigger or smaller? Share all of your results with other ZOOMers in our special feedback area.

Some of your Results

Cameron, age 6 of Oregon, OH wrote:
My ping pong ball was 500 feet

Jeffry of AL wrote:
It worked alot of times I made it go alot faster on the second it went alot faster, then the other times it worked better because of the funnel, it was better.

Kathryn, age 11 of San Jose, CA wrote:
I had my friend hold the funnel (with the ping-pong ball in) up above my head and I blew into it. I figured out that you have to be really close, but it works!

Shawney, age 12 of Buffalo Gap, SD wrote:
The ping pong ball fell out but it stayed for 30 seconds.

Daniella, age 8 of Hazlet, NJ wrote:
I sucked air up and the ball stayed in the funnel.

Billybob of Poland, ME wrote:
I tried this experiment 3 hours solid before I finaly got it right. I thought this experiment was a ton of fun.

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