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Flinker II


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Sent in by:
Daniel of Hixson, TN

When it doesn't float or sink, it flinks!

Materials Needed

  • helium-filled balloons attached to strings
  • scissors



  1. Check with an adult before you begin.
  2. Helium balloons will just float away if you don't hold them down.
  3. Try to get your helium balloon to just hang in the air without floating away or sinking to the ground.
  4. The ZOOMers used paper cups, paper clips, pennies and grains of rice, but you can use whatever floats your boat. Just make sure your balloon is neither going up nor down.

Let us know what you used to make your balloon flink. What did you try first? How did you change your design? What do you think about balloons that flink?

Some of your Results

Maria, age 13 of Tucson, AZ wrote:
it was awesome

ZOOM fan of Olympia, WA wrote:
I used a small gift bag and kept cutting it smaller untill my flinker worked.

Nicole, age 10 of Elgin, TX wrote:
I used a small gift bag and kept cutting it smaller until my Flinker worked.

Kasey, age 6 of Bay City, MI wrote:
I used a small gift bag and kept cutting it smaller until my Flinker worked.

Max, age 12 of Vista, CA wrote:
I untied the balloon, let out a little bit of helium and blew in a little bit of oxygen. It floated.

Candice, age 12 of Brooklyn, NY wrote:
It flinkered for a while. Sometimes it was nearer to the ceiling and other times it was nearer to the floor, but it never touched the ceiling or the floor. It also moved forward. I had a big helium ballon so I cut a lot of the paper cup.

Amber, age 10 of Mcniell, MS wrote:
I put a keyring on the open part of a balloon and blew it up without helium put it over an air vent and it flinked.

Sidney, age 7 of IL wrote:
I tried eleven balloons, but only 8 flinked.

Stella, age 6 of Nashua, NH wrote:
Well first of all we made it 2 light so we had 2 figure out how 2 make it flink. So we took some pieces of straws 2 go through the cup but that made it 2 heavy so we cut the straw in 2 little bitty pieces and that made it flink, but we put the string on the balloon even on both sides so it was like we had 2 pieces of stings on the balloon.

Kevin, age 10 of Nashua, NH wrote:
I tryed cuting the cup and using the pieices and it worked!

Chanel, age 12 of Nashua, NH wrote:
To Make my balloon flink I kept making knots in the ribbon and punching holes in the cup with a hole punch and keeping those holes in the cup and then I tried it out and it flinked.

Dacia, age 10 of Nashua, NH wrote:
Heres what happen. We put tiny pieces of staws in the cup to weigh the cup down. When it was too heavey we took some out and it began to FLINK!!! I had lots of fun.

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