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Sent in by:
Frank of Gravel Ridge, AR

Bringing new meaning to the phrase "raising money."

Materials Needed

  • 50 straws
  • clay
  • pennies
  • cup



  1. Try to make a tower as high as you can using 50 straws and clay.
  2. Place a plastic cup on top and see how many pennies it can hold.

Some of your Results

Analyssa, age 12 of Miami, FL wrote:
OMG!!! well, acutally, my tower thing wuznt that tall... 5 inches, but taht was sooooo kool! the trick is to have a wide cup, I think

Dylan, age 10 of Orange, CA wrote:
Mine was 7 inches long and it held 10 penese.

Jorge, age 10 of Orange County, CA wrote:
Mine is 6 inches and it hold 122.

Stephen, age 12 of Orange, CA wrote:
I built it 9 inches and 53 penneys fit in.

Logan, age 9 of Toledo, OH wrote:
I did it and it held 92 pennies It was fun!

Madison, age 9 of Tempe, AZ wrote:
It stood up with only 24 pennies.

Christopher of Grosse Pointe Park wrote:
I built a tower with only 25 straws. I put 285 pennies in before it fell.

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