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Fatty Foods


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Alec of IL

How much fat is in the food you eat?

Materials Needed

  • Brown paper grocery bags, cut into small squares
  • Different foods to test, like french fries, potato chips, a baked potato, peanuts, peanut butter, an apple, a banana, a hot dog, and butter
  • Scissors



  1. Check with a grown-up before you begin.
  2. Rub each piece of food onto a separate paper bag square. Count to twenty while you rub so that you test each food for the same amount of time. Be sure to label the squares so you remember which food you rubbed on each one.
  3. Now you have to leave them overnight. The next day you'll see which foods have the most fat. The foods that leave the greasiest spots are the fattiest foods.
  4. Before you take a look at them, which foods do you predict will have the most fat?
  5. Check your results. Which foods had the most fat? Which had the least?

Some foods may have fat that doesn't rub off on paper like this. If you think of a way to test for this kind of fat send your discoveries to ZOOM.

Some of your Results

Tramaine, age 12 of Arlington wrote:
butter has the most fat.

Cvbcbhb, age 6 of Chicago, IL wrote:
i saw little oil and the experiment was great

Tania, age 11 of Chicago, IL wrote:
when I did this the french fries had the most fatt! it was really cool my brother did this as his science project

Katy, age 10 of Chicago, IL wrote:
the hotdog was the one that had the most fat it was a totaly cool

Cheri, age 11 of Detroit, MI wrote:
the fattest food was fries

Johnny, age 10 of Chicago, IL wrote:
Peanut butter all teh way, yo!!!

Demi, age 12 of Los Angeles, CA wrote:
I learned that the butter had the most fat! It was AMAZING!!! I had a lot of fun!

Allison, age 11 of Los Angeles, CA wrote:
when I did the project the peanut butter had the most grease

Emory, age 11 of Avondale, AZ wrote:
a backed pataoh lefted mor grees than chips.

Emilee, age 13 of Batseville, CA wrote:
we gessed what food had the most grease. I thought that the frinch frise would have the most grease but it was the peanut butter and the frinch frise had the second amount of grease!!

Jadyn, age 7 of Edinburg, TX wrote:
pizza was the most!!!

Sarah-Ruth, age 12 of Cottonwood, CA wrote:
I tested it and I got the peanut butter as the fattest... wierd

Kala, age 7 of Brooklyn wrote:
the french fries had the most oil

Ally, age 10 of Chicago, IL wrote:
I did this for my science fair with my friend. The most fatty food was the french fries that we tried. The second most fatty food was pizza. I had a lot of fun doing this project!

Erin, age 8 of Memphis, TN wrote:
I noticed that many of the foods that I eat contain fat. Carrots, celery, bread, raw potato, apples, and gum do not conain fat. Meatballs, butter, and potato chips contain fats.

Liz, age 12 of FL wrote:
what I did was I put a patatoe and a large amount of french fries and the most fattiest food was the fries!!!

Jada, age 9 of Miami Gardens, FL wrote:
I did this project for the school science fair. I called it "Fatty Fries". I got fries from 4 fast food chains followed the instructions and waalllaa! It was a real neat experiment!

Elisabeth, age 11 of San Diego, CA wrote:
i tested french fries and bacon and found out that bacon had more grease and fat in it.

Anabell, age 12 of Phoenix, AZ wrote:
it worked really well. I was amazid how much fat was in foods such as nuggets!!

Shana, age 10 of Frenchville, ME wrote:
I did this experement for a science fair project at my school! It worked really well! People were so amazed at what foods can be so fatty and other foods not so fatty!

Josiah, age 12 of Bronx, NY wrote:
when I did this project I found out that french fries had the most fat.

Paola, age 14 of Chicago, IL wrote:
i tested french fries and cookies and got that the french fries had more fat in them.

Adeena, age 11 of New York, NY wrote:
French fries had the most grease!

Peyton of IN wrote:
Boring...i used peanut butter, butter, hotdog, and bacon.

Alennie of Athens, Greece wrote:
I decided to use the idea but change it around a little. I added a square grid to see which fast food resteraunt's french fries were the fattest!

Keersten, age 11 of MI wrote:
when I did it I found out that freanch frias are really fat. I neaver at freanch frias.

Dominic, age 12 of Waveland, MS wrote:
I add some other foods to mine and did mine as a science fair project.

Chardonnay, age 10 of Las Vegas, NV wrote:
when I did it I learned that cheese burgers are bad for you.

Candice of Cleveland, OH wrote:
There were a lot grease stains on the paper bags I never knew how much grease I eat.

Malinda, age 11 of Renton, WA wrote:
Butter had the most fat than the potato chipes.

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