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Egg Drop


your results

Sent in by:
Andrew of Salem, OR

Another ZOOMsci eggs-periment.

Materials Needed

  • eggs
  • 15 straws
  • 10 popsicle sticks
  • 1 meter of tape



  1. Design a container that will stop an egg from breaking when it's dropped from ten feet.
  2. You can only use 15 straws, 10 popsicle sticks, and 1 meter of tape. That's 39 inches.
  3. Also, one quarter-sized piece of the egg must be visible.

Some of your Results

Jasmine of Fredericksburg, VA wrote:
I did this as a fifth grade SCOPE project. We made a parachute and container for our egg and then dropped it four meters. I made the parachute out of a garbage bag and then laced a basket made of paper mache-d newspaper with bubble wrap and felt. It worked! Not even a crack. And the people with more "sophisticated" parachutes... it didn't work as well

Keerah, age 13 of WA wrote:
my egg hit the ground and it did not brake soo I was in the racs some more and I won the racs

Maddie, age 9 of Parker, CO wrote:
We put a tube and then put cotton balls seounding it and then put tape at the endswith a parashout.

Ellie, age 8 of St. Louis, MO wrote:
we got bags and alot of ehther things and droped it and some took a long time but none of them broke.

Adriana, age 9 of Honolulu, HI wrote:
i used two eggs I dropped by throwing it down it broke then I dropped it and then it didnt

Allie, age 16 of Hephzibah, GA wrote:
We did this in my Physics class. If it didn't break, you got a 100. If it broke, you had to write a report. We used a shoe box and lined it with pillow fluff and a few tshirts. Then we had to drop it from the second floor balcony. I was nervous, but it didn't break. No report for me!

Elaina, age 13 of Crown Point, IN wrote:
I did it several times, with 3 experiments. I wrapped the egg in cardboard, styrafoam, and bubble wrap. The cardboard was the best and the bubblewrap was the worst!

Marianda of Taylor, TX wrote:
it didnt break because I had it in the box really good. but my friends egg broke. it was the same way mine was?

Christian, age 10 of KY wrote:
it was fun!! It got on the ground safly.

Abby, age 16 of OH wrote:
I had to do this for my college Chemistry class! My egg didn't break, but I lost points because my container was too big!

April, age 9 of FL wrote:
The frist try it did break. The secend try it had a little creak. The third try it did not break or have a creak.

Cody, age 11 of Maize, KS wrote:
i cleaned out a peanut butter can, filled it with a little salt, and filled it with water completely full and put an egg in it. Then I put on the lid and dropped it and it didn't brake.

Diana, age 11 of Visalia, CA wrote:
well we have this thing called science olympiad every year and they had egg drop. I got 5 place. I put play dough around it and I had kattie litter and bubble wrap. I filled the bubble wrap with kattie litter. my results were it went up to 10 feet.

Amanda and Alyssa of Ripon, CA wrote:
we have to drop an egg from six feet using only a balloon, masking tape, sand, and a straw.

Salma, age 12 of West Palm Beach, FL wrote:
what did you use to help the egg not break?

Skyler, age 9 of Smith Falls, ON wrote:
When I did it what happened was the egg cracked so it did not work.

Keelie, age 8 of Ellwood City, PA wrote:
the egg droped and broke.

Mature Team, age 14 of San Diego, CA wrote:
Well what happened was that we made it out of foam it was a 4 by 9 box shaped and stuffed it with soft things.

Angela, age 14 of Callahan, FL wrote:
When I dropped the egg it cracked in to tiny pieces. It did not break a whole alot. The egg had mold growing on the inside.

Gabriela, age 8 of Paldale, CA wrote:
It did not break.

Megan, age 10 of San Francisco, CA wrote:
When I did this expirement the egg idnt break one time the other time it did the time it didnt I wrapped it better so it was more succure and it did break the time I didnt wrap it up very well... so it seems that the better its wrapped the more you succedd

Regina, age 11 of Boston wrote:
what happenedwas my egg broke 2 time and then my did not brake

Harkiran, age 10 of Brampton, ON wrote:
I cut half a egg carton and put an egg in it. Then I took a small box and put some soft gift wrapping paper in the box. Then I wrapped the egg carton with pieces of cloth and put it in the box, taped it up and droped it from 11 feet. It worked. Hooray!!!

Estefanie, age 12 of Lynchburg, WV wrote:
it feel and it broke up

Princilla, age 14 of GA wrote:
when I did it it did not go well but I chried agen and it worked out so thank u 4 the grate ideal

Sheila, age 16 of Tecumseh, MI wrote:
i won by supporting it with lots of soft things

Chloe, age 10 of Maple Grove, MN wrote:
I had to use 2 eggs, and it worked.

Maddie, age 11 of Morris, IL wrote:
we used packing peanuts, and wrapped the eggs in tape and paper towels. we dropped them from 30 feet up, and non of them broke. we also used a parachute, and a inertube on the bottom. worked like a charm

ZOOM Fan, age 11 of Alhambra, CA wrote:
We used everything our teacher gave us(that's all we could use). It cracked but nothing came out. We didn't get any credit for that even though ours was the least cracked! Tomorrow we shall prevail(I hope)!

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