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Science Rocks!

Drops on Pennies II


your results

Sent in by:
Ruth Ann of Xenia, OH and Ally of New York, NY

Drop some data on the double!

Materials Needed

  • water
  • oil
  • syrup
  • apple juice
  • sugary soda
  • pennies
  • droppers
  • pencil and paper



  1. In the ZOOMsci, Drops on Pennies, you can compare how many drops of water different coins can hold. Now compare how many drops of different kinds of liquids a penny can hold.
  2. Check with a grown-up before you begin.
  3. Decide which liquids you'd like to compare. The ZOOMers compared liquids like syrup that are thick and sticky with liquids like apple juice that are thin and runny. They also chose to test oil because they thought it had a thickness in between the other kinds of liquids. Since they'd already tested it in the ZOOMsci, Drops on Pennies, the ZOOMers used water as a way to predict the number of drops of the other liquids a penny might hold.
  4. To make a chart for your predictions and results, write the names of each of the liquids you'd like to test in rows on the left side of your page. Write 'Number of Drops Predicted' and 'Actual Number of Drops' in columns at the top of your page. Then fill in the chart with your predictions.
  5. Now, count the number of drops of each kind of liquid a penny will hold before overflowing. Make sure the drops are all the same size. You might want to test the same liquid three times and record the average number of drops as your result. However you decide to test your liquids, be sure to test each one in the same way.
  6. Write your results on your chart.

Let us know how your results compare with your predictions. Could you get more drops on a penny with thicker liquids or thinner ones? Do some liquids produce larger drops than others? How can you explain your results?

Some of your Results

Tia, age 13 of Texarkana, TX wrote:
It fit 122 on a penny.

Harry, age 13 of Philadelphia, PA wrote:
It fit about 21 trys for the pennie. It was cool and I had a great time doing it.

Haley, age 10 of Lavergne, TN wrote:
It fit 20 drops!!!

Tiara, age 10 of Dayton, OH wrote:
When I did this experament, I used water and oarnge juice and the oarnge really didnt stay.

Anastasia, age 10 of New York wrote:
When I did it I fit 20 drops on a dime, 50 on a penny, 100 on a quater and 90 on a nickle.

Jon, age 11 of LA, CA wrote:
It fit 41 drops.

Daniel, age 8 of Berkeley Hts, NJ wrote:
What happend whenI did it was it took me an hour to put 500 drops on one penny. The secret is to let the drops evarate a little so there's not as much water.

Sharon, age 11 of Cincinnati, OH wrote:
I wanted to know why the number of drops was less when the type of liquids changed.

Sri, age 9 of Waterford, CT wrote:
I loved Doing this projet! My Dad had different kids of droppers, so I used a small dropper and got over 200 DROPS!!! I used it for the 4th Grade Science fair too!!!

Shanickwa, age 13 of Bowie, MD wrote:
I thought it would be BORING but it turned out to be cool and I got 50 drop intil it finally fell.

Brianna, age 8 of Nutley, NJ wrote:
I tried this experiment and was able to get 31 small drops on a pennie and 31 big drops on a quarter. The molleculles stay close together and they create tension at the surface.

Kristina, age 10 of Houston, TX wrote:
When I did that it when up till 51 drops of water.

Ida, age 13 of Fort wrote:
I first thought that only 10 drops would fit on a penny but when I tried it. It only could hold 55 drops of water and you could use other things like corn syrpe or liquid soap.

Christina, age 13 of Highland, IL wrote:
I got 95 drops of water on the penny.

Katie, age 8 of Cny, NY wrote:
I beat my Mama! I got 25 drops on my penny and she got 19 drops on hers.

Lawanza, age 14 of Dallas, TX wrote:
I found out that thick liquids don't work as well as just using water.

Taylor, age 6 of Coyners, GA wrote:
On the nickel there was 21 drops of water before it fell. On the dime there were 15 drops of water before it fell, too.

Justen, age 8 of Jackville, FL wrote:
THE penny held 29 drops. AND quater held 49 drops.

Alexis, age 11 of Wichita, KS wrote:
Me and my brother did Drops on Pennies11 after we watched it on tv. On my first try I got 22 drops on my second I got 12 drops and on my last try I got 16 drops. It was a lot of fun doing this experiment especially with my brother. The penny was dirty and was from 1990. Then we tried the experiment on a clean penny and that did not affect haw many drops you can put on a penny.

Erika, age 13 of Westfield, IN wrote:
I used a penny, a nickel, and a quarter. On the first round- penny- 29 drops quarter- 30 drops dime- 24 drops On the second round- penny- 23 drops quarter- 39 drops dime- 23 drops On the last round- penny- 15 drops quarter- 35 drops dime- 24 drops I had tons of fun doing the experiment. I will recomend my friends to it!

Ciara, age 12 of Chandler, AZ wrote:
I tried a penny on heads and got 151 dropss!!! Then I tried a dime on heads and got 96 drops! Then I tried a quarter and got 111 drops. Also I tried a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin and got 120 drops. Finally I used a 50 cent piece and got 307 drops.

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