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Delta Wing Flyer


your results

Sent in by:
Andrew of Mesa, AZ

Pilots needed for frequent flying!

Materials Needed

  • newspaper
  • drinking straws
  • tape
  • ruler
  • paper clips
  • tissue paper



  1. First, tape 10 straws together to make a triangle shaped frame.
  2. Then, tape some newspaper over the triangle. Make sure you tape down the edges so that they don't flap.
  3. Now, you're ready to fly your Delta Wing Flyer.
  4. (If your Delta Wing Flyer twists while it flies, add paper clips to balance its weight.)

Now try and experiment with your Delta Wing Flyer. Think of a question that you'd like answered. Like, "What happens if you use tissue paper to cover your Delta Wing Flyer instead of newspaper? Will it fly as far as the flyer covered in newspaper?" Make a prediction, test it out, and share your results.

Some of your Results

Thomas, age 11 of Ocean Springs, MS wrote:
Construction paper fly father because it is heavier

Chen, age 9 of Suzhou wrote:
it fly! I know that it fly because the wind blow it.

Jason, age 10 of San Francisco wrote:
It did not work as well as I though... But ill keep trying.

Sammy of Bendigo, AUS wrote:
It worked better when I modified it to 5 straws, and added more weight to the back

Malique, age 10 of Fall River, MA wrote:
It was a failure I coud'nt do it right.

Taranjit of NYC, NY wrote:
Mine flew 10000 ft when I tried it.

Rory, age 9 of Austin, TX wrote:
It was neat. It flew 30 Feat

Yuri, age 9 of Tonsberg wrote:
When I tried to fly mine, it wouldn't fly!

Jarrett, age 10 of Danville, IN wrote:
It was cool!! It flew almost 40 feet with tissue paper and 29 with newspaper!

Yishai, age 11 of Washington, DC wrote:
I did it but it turned alot I didnt know why I think I did some thing wrong. Im goign to try agin.

Nicole, age 12 of Annandale wrote:
It went so fast. It was really exciting.

Dae, age 6 of Eules, TX wrote:
It was flying and it comeback to me.

Mahir, age 10 of San Jose, CA wrote:
When I tried 2 fly it, it sunk in 3 seconds. But I'll try to fix it Later!

Benton, age 13 of Gould, AR wrote:
It Flew but not so good but Ill try again later.

Tee, age 13 of St. Matthews, SC wrote:
It went 30 feet it was so cool to see it fly so far.

Usman, age 8 of Mississauga, ON wrote:
I made a big mistake because my Delta Wing flyer only flew 3feet.

Rodriguez, age 7 of CA wrote:
I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong because it wont fly very far only like 5 feet for me... (what am I doing wrong?)

Miranda, age 12 of Ocala, FL wrote:
It went 32 feet in the air. It was a great expereince!!

Brennan, age 6 of Escondido, CA wrote:
It did rolls and glides. One time it glided 12 feet.

Chucky, age 14 of Continental, OH wrote:
I made my delta wing flyer out of 3 straws only and 3 pennies. Instead of papper clips. To get my delta wing to fly straight I had to toss it like a boomarang.

James, age 14 of Glen Rock, NJ wrote:
I tried to make the frame out of copper wire. It worked much better then the straws and went about 56 feet long. Graet project.

Costin, age 10 of New York City, NY wrote:
I went to my school playground and my flyer looked like it was gliding through the sky. It went about 42 ft.

Robbie, age 5 of NY wrote:
She glided like crazy! Great project. We modified the flyer by adding a hand grip on the bottom with masking tape, made launching very easy.

Sammi, age 10 of Erie, CO wrote:
It flew very very far. It almost looked like it wouldn't stop.

Amber, age 8 of Navarre, FL wrote:
I tried it with popsicle stiks for the frame, but it didn't work.

Christina, age 13 of Lawndale, CA wrote:
My dad launched it from the roof and it flew across the street and glided straightly under this big tree. I thought it was going to crash!!!

Abhinav, age 6 of Portland, OR wrote:
My delta wing flyer flew twisting but when my dad trew it, it flew good. My delta wing is 25 inches.

Daniel, age 11 of Grass Valley, CA wrote:
When I first flew the Delta Wing Flyer it always turned to the right until I added a paper clip to the right side. Eventually, it flew about 40 feet.

Mattie, age 10 of Madison, WI wrote:
When I made that then I tried to fly and it was so awsome! And I showed my big sister she was 18 and she said cool! It almost same to star wars.

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