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Science Rocks!

Dancing Raisins II


your results

Sent in by:
Acacia of Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada and Mrs. Ray's class of Sykesville, MD

Can you get a grape to boogie down and up? How 'bout a chocolate chip?

Materials Needed

  • grapes
  • raisins
  • popcorn
  • chocolate chips
  • nuts
  • buttons
  • dry wagon wheel pasta
  • rice
  • beans
  • sandpaper
  • thread
  • foil
  • tape
  • glue
  • paper clips
  • safety pins
  • club soda that has lots of bubbles (flat club soda won't work for this.)
  • clear drinking glasses or bowls



  1. Check with a grown-up before you begin.
  2. In the ZOOMsci, Dancing Raisins, you can try to get raisins to rise and fall in club soda.
  3. Now, experiment with other items. The ZOOMers tried out the items listed above. What else can you get to float in club soda?

You want the science scoop? Remember that it's the bubbles (the carbon dioxide in the club soda) that makes different objects float. The bubbles stick to the sides of the object and make it more buoyant. If something is buoyant, that means that it floats easily. The carbon dioxide makes some objects float in the same way that a life jacket helps a person float. Together the life jacket and the person are less dense than the water; so the person floats.

What is it about some items that help them to float more easily in club soda than others? Does it have anything to do with texture, size or density? Can you figure out how to get the objects that sink in club soda to be more buoyant? Think about how you can get more carbon dioxide gas (bubbles) to stick to the object. Try it out and let us know what worked and didn't work and why.

Some of your Results

Emily, age 7 of Mclean, VA wrote:
I had trouble getting the raisins to dance. But when I tried a chocolate chip, it was a totally different story. It boogied for over 45 minutes. No lie! By the end, the club soda around the chocolate chip looked like plain tap water.

Darlene, age 10 of San Antonio wrote:
it did not even work thats why im going to try a different thing to do

Gage, age 9 of Pacific, MO wrote:
First, we had to wait for little while then three of mine jumped and two jacobs jumped

Noah & Kassidy, age 9 of Picific, MO wrote:
we bit a grape in half but it did not work. Then we put a hole rasineandit worked.

Noah and Hannah, age 9 wrote:
1 rasen started to dance it took about 10 secents.

Joclyn & Dillon of Pacific, MO wrote:
we put 2 and a half raisns and only 1 danced. then we put 3 and a half rasins and a grape in club soda. awe out some baking soda in there and the grape started dancing. 2 rasins danced together! it was a fun day.

Jessica and Lucas, age 9 of Pacific wrote:
The raisin danced!

Hope, age 11 of Pacific wrote:
when we put the baking soda in the grapes started to dance and the grapes started to dance.

Teagan David Charissa of Pacific wrote:
My dancing raisians our going up and going down.

Caitlyn & Alyssa of Pacific, MO wrote:
well we mixed the 2 sodas and 2 spoons of baking soda at first it didn't work then it did.

Seth & Trey, age 9 of St. Louis, MO wrote:
WE porde club soad into spite and added baking soad then a grap come up.

Jenna & Gracie, age 9 of Pacific, MO wrote:
On our first try, all of the raisins went up and down but the grape just sat there.

Wesley & Tyler, age 9 of Pacific, MO wrote:
The raisans started to dance, but then sank. We added baking soda to the soft drink, and almost the same thing happened.

Noah and Kenny, age 9 of Pacific, MO wrote:
It started to dance around, and a rasin jumped out!

Jordan & Gage, age 10 of Pacific, MO wrote:
they went up and down.

Keith and Joe, age 9 of Pacific, MO wrote:
IT took 22 seconds for the rasain to dance. club worked a little bit better than sprite.

Cody & Damien, age 9 of Pacific, MO wrote:
The raisins floated

Morgan Kirsten Brittany of Pacific wrote:
We poured some club soda in the sprite. The sprite with the club soda, had more dancing raisins.

Nicholas & Trevor of Pacific, MO wrote:
When we put the grape in the Sprite it started to floot to the top.

Linda and Brock, age 9 of Pacific wrote:
we put 5 raness in one cup and 3 came back up. in the secint cup we had 4 1/2 ransen and 2 ransen back up and the grapes was flote up and down.

Luke & Drake, age 10 of Picific, MO wrote:
When we put our grapes and raisns they started to flout.

Kayla & Caramia of Pacific, MO wrote:
every thing went up

Kaitlin, age 9 of Pacific wrote:
my raison kemt on going up and down

Jacob & Andrew, age 9 of Pacific, MO wrote:
some of the raisins went up and some grapes went up in the cup.

J.C., age 9 of St.Louis, MO wrote:
my rasons went boncers! my soda is club soda and I used two littel tea spoons of baking soda. it was so COOL!!!

Sydney & Sydney of Pacific, MO wrote:
when we put our grapes in our cups they popped up right away

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