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Dancing Raisins


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Sent in by:
Mary-Elizabeth of Tallassee, AL

These little guys can groove!

Materials Needed

  • tall clear glass
  • raisins
  • club soda that has a lot of bubbles (This won't work if the club soda is flat.)



  1. First, pour the club soda in the glass.
  2. Next, drop in half of a raisin.
  3. Wait at least 20 to 30 seconds and watch what happens to the raisin. (The raisin should rise and fall.)
  4. The reason why the raisin floats to the top is because the bubbles stick to the sides of the raisin and make the raisin more buoyant. Buoyant means that something floats more easily. The bubbles make the raisin float the way a life jacket makes a person float.

Now, start to experiment. Think of a question that you'd like to answer. Like, "Can I get something that is heavier than a popcorn kernel to float using bubbles? Will a walnut or a super ball float?" Make a prediction, test it out, and share your results in the ZOOMsci feedback area.

Some of your Results

Nik, age 9 of Queen Charlotte, BC wrote:
it was so cool I took out my camera and made a movie!!!

Keval, age 11 of Aliso Viejo, CA wrote:
When I kept the raisin in Sprite it kept on going uo and down

Morgan, age 11 of Victoria, TX wrote:
the fist time I did the experiment I worked but it took a little longer than 30seconds it took like 45 at least for them to start dancing but when they did start dancing it was soo cool and funny

Tracy, age 8 of Mendenhall, MS wrote:
They danced up and down the glass for 20-30 minutes. The raisins danced longer in the 7Up soda than the sprite soda.

Julia wrote:
The raisins would always pop up and down

Julia, age 14 of Twillingate, NI wrote:
I made my own carbonated liquid with water vinger and soda. The raisin did a lot of dancing. It was a hit at my science fair

Amanda, age 10 of San Francisco, CA wrote:
the raisins jumped up and down in the soda

Carley, age 16 of Mandan, ND wrote:
ouy of all the things we used the raisins floated the best.

Sarah, age 10 of Fredricksburg, VA wrote:
It was awesome!!! If I were to rate it I would give it a 100. The raisin actually went up and down. I would highly recommend this science project for any age.

Bob, age 13 of Hollywood, CA wrote:
it bobs up and down. I just want to point out that it also works when you put vinegar and baking soda in water.

Mike, age 12 of Dearborn, MI wrote:
when I did it, I was shocked bescause one of the raisins flew out of the cup!!!

Peyton, age 10 of Berry wrote:
When I did this the raisin just rised & went back down. It didn't come back up.

Colleen, age 11 of Vancouver, WA wrote:
It woked so good my class loved it

Nikki, age 11 of Anchorage, AK wrote:
I saw that the raisin float up and down. I also tried it with nuts and choclate chips and again thanks!!!

Erin, age 11 of Fayetteville, TX wrote:
it worked raelly good our class loved it

Brittany, age 11 of CA wrote:
i tryed it again and it keeps on going up then down!!! AWESOME!!

Mckenzie, age 13 of Augusta, ME wrote:
It barely took 5 seconds before the raisins started going up and down! The weird thing was that they went up and down one at a time! They never went all at the same time!

Dasia, age 4 of Callumet City, DE wrote:
my rasin floted!

Johnny, age 13 of Maxton, NC wrote:
they floated

Allie, age 13 of Hemet, CA wrote:
Well, mine was kind of different from yours. I used baking soda and vinegar, but it worked a lot. THANKS!!!

Nakari, age 12 of Calumet City wrote:
It floted in the club soda.

Jordan, age 11 of Estancia, NM wrote:
the raison floated alot of bubbles cameit was so so cool!!!

Marissa, age 14 of Ridgefield, WA wrote:
it was so cool. It took a couple seconds to see it "dance" but when it happened it was amazing!

Kelsey, age 13 of Van Wert, OH wrote:
It was so cool, after about 25 seconds the raisin started going up then down. I showed my science teatcher and she gave me extra credit. Thanks ZOOM!!!

Kristian, age 8 of Richmond, BC wrote:
with the dancing raisins it was so cool the raisins danced in the gingeral I did it in Nov. 17, 2007

Judi, age 12 of St. Albert, AB wrote:
we did this in grade 4, but insted of rasins we had popcorn still unpoped. we were all scared because we thought the popcorn would pop!

Sharukaru, age 12 of Jackson, MS wrote:
I used grapes and they floated.

Lisa, age 13 of Cleveland, OH wrote:
when I did that I wated 20 seconds and it floated it was a big hit at mt school

Alayah, age 11 of Surrey, BC wrote:
I did this when moth balls were part of the experiment and it jumped up and down like crazy.

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