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Dancing Raisins


your results

Sent in by:
Mary-Elizabeth of Tallassee, AL

These little guys can groove!

Materials Needed

  • tall clear glass
  • raisins
  • club soda that has a lot of bubbles (This won't work if the club soda is flat.)



  1. First, pour the club soda in the glass.
  2. Next, drop in half of a raisin.
  3. Wait at least 20 to 30 seconds and watch what happens to the raisin. (The raisin should rise and fall.)
  4. The reason why the raisin floats to the top is because the bubbles stick to the sides of the raisin and make the raisin more buoyant. Buoyant means that something floats more easily. The bubbles make the raisin float the way a life jacket makes a person float.

Now, start to experiment. Think of a question that you'd like to answer. Like, "Can I get something that is heavier than a popcorn kernel to float using bubbles? Will a walnut or a super ball float?" Make a prediction, test it out, and share your results in the ZOOMsci feedback area.

Some of your Results

Paige, age 10 of Vidalia, GA wrote:
i used it to go with my report on buoyancy in school and I haven't done it in school yet, but the test run went perfectly. Crossed fingers for tomorrow!!!

David, age 9 of Charlotte, NC wrote:
My raisin dance. It was so cool. I like it. My raisin made bubbles. The soda had lots of bubbles. That was so cool.

Mrs.C's Class, age 8 of Charlotte, NC wrote:
When we put the raisin in we noticed little bubbles on the cut end of the raisin. Using my five senses like a good scientist, I smelled the soda and it smelled like lemon/lime. When we put the raisin in the soda the liquid turned light brown and then dark brown. The raisins jumped at different rates.

Eddie, age 7 of Harrogate wrote:
It was very funny. We made our own fizz with baking soda and vinegar! The raisins were less dense because of the bubbles of carbon dioxide.

Jonathan, age 12 of Harvy, LA wrote:
it toke 5 mi then it went up and down it was verryy funnyy

Symone, age 13 of Chicago, IL wrote:
When I Did The Expirement.. I Also Used Chocolate Chips & Moth Balls. When I Dropped The Moth Balls In They Sunk. The Chocolate Chips "Danced" In Less Than 10 Seconds... But The Raisins... Didnt Do Any Thing.. What Did I Do Wrong? I Thought About Trying "Fresh" Raisins But Isnt A Fresh Raisin A Grape?

Sruttika, age 7 of Redmond, WA wrote:
For the first time it didn't float at all. The second time it did float, but not for a long time. It took about 45 seconds. I also tried it with a chocolate and a peanut. The peanut floated immediately. The chocolate didn't. But the chocolate floated more easily than the raisin. This was because there was butter inside the chocolate and butter was a type of oil. Oil floats on top of soda or water

Xolisile, age 16 of Mpumalanga, South Africa wrote:
The raisin went dancing. bcoz they are less dense than water

Sal, age 8 of Los Angeles, CA wrote:
they were little gas bubbles around the raisins they danced at the top and bottom it was really fun!!!

Shauntoria, age 12 of Trenton wrote:
it worked!!! it was really cool when the raisins danced I loved it

Joey, age 12 of Cross Junction, VA wrote:
I tried this with raisins and compared them to peanuts, Snowcaps and chocolate chips. Suprizingly, the chocolate chips were the highest! They reached 78 bounces in 2 minutes

Vannsea, age 12 of Chicago, IL wrote:
when I did it they went up and down so they starting dancing.

Lily, age 7 of Commerce City, CO wrote:
The raisins dived down and came back up. I tried a peanut m and m, a regular m and m, a spagetti noodle, and a chocolate covered raisin and they all sank to the bottom. I also tried a cocoa puff and it just floated.

Kayli, age 9 of Dalhart, TX wrote:
It worked sooo good and danced for like 10 or 11 seconds. It was cool!

Kallie, age 8 of Dalhart, TX wrote:
It went down and bubbles stuck to it, and the bubbles lifted it up and down and up and down and up and down and then I got it out

Anthony, age 8 of Dalhart, TX wrote:
When I therw it it went up and down.

Ryan, age 8 of Dalhart, TX wrote:
Bubbles glued on to it and floted up and down over again

Mason, age 9 of Dalhart, UT wrote:
I droped it in it hit the and bounced back up and bubbled up you should try it is awsone!

Cy, age 9 of Dalhart, TX wrote:
when I drop it it toke it 2 seconds because it was a apple seed

A.J., age 8 of Dalhart, TX wrote:
When I droped it went all the way to the bottom.

Madison, age 10 of PA wrote:
It worked perfectly! but with a different type of club soda it sometimes dosen't work.

Amanda, age 10 of Erie wrote:
for a while it sat at the bottom but then it started to dance

Nicole, age 11 of Columbia, SC wrote:
It jumped! The reason is is that when Carbon Dioxide builds on a substance (like raisins) when mixed with baking soda and Vinegar(which has a chemical reaction) than the raisins "dance"

Sammy, age 9 of Williamsville, NY wrote:
This worked so well! They danced for 5 seconds.

Kaitlyn, age 10 of Birmingham, AL wrote:
It was amazing how they started to dance and I really liked it because it was fun and very awesome as I say again. Im gonna have to go on this website more often because it is crucial.

Jen, age 12 wrote:
i added macaroni, spaghetti, and lentils. The drinks that I used was twist, club soda, and tonic water. Every beverage with the macaroni did not allow the macaroni to move. all the others did except the spaghetti in the tonic water.

Max, age 6 of Little Neck, NY wrote:
The rasains danced for a second and stopped.

Ashley, age 12 of Lakeview, OH wrote:
thay jumped

Carl, age 9 of Denver, CO wrote:
When we did it we waited and waited. We thought it hadn't worked the raisins barly jitered then a very unexpected thing hapened one just flew to the very top. What we found was not what ZOOMsci said. We found they did best without many bubbles. We decided to leave it overnight. We thought the raisons would stop fizing and sink instead when we woke up there where 7 raizons up! That was more then had been up so far there was also one not quit up they wher all frozen in place. After that the raisins moved even slower then before. I am going to bring this progect to the science fair. I wonder if the results will be the same. I can hardly wait to go!

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