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Crazy Straw Bridge


your results

Sent in by:
Dani of North Potomac, MD

A straw bridge that's crazy.

Materials Needed

  • straws galore
  • paper clips
  • something to test its strength (try pennies, but not your cat)



  1. Build the craziest designed bridge using only straws and paper clips that can span 30 centimeters and support the most weight. You first have to think of a plan of how you are going to build your structure. Dani gave us a clue: triangles are very strong.

Some of your Results

Josh, age 14 of Lorain wrote:
it broke in two and I did not like this experiment.

Sahsa, age 10 of CT wrote:
My straw brige didn't bend until I used a 1/and a half candel.

David, age 11 of Rio Rancho, NM wrote:
When I did it, I decided to play with it, but then it broke. I guess I'll build another one!

Katie, age 10 of Ocala, FL wrote:
it keeped falling but after a little bit logger it worked.

Hayley, age 9 of Newcastle, ON wrote:
when I did it it broke. I guess I did not put enough straws on it.

Miranda, age 11 of Philadelphia wrote:
i started to play with it and then it fell so I did all again then I played with it again but it was fun while it lasted.

Rebecca, age 6 of San Diego, CA wrote:
Hi, I have instructions for you. You need 21 straws, 2 rubber bands, and tape. You attach the straws together with rubber bands and tape. I tested it with a plastic ball.

Nikki, age 13 of Oshawa wrote:
I tried the straw bridge and trust me it was hared. I tried a smaller one I cut the straws in two and did it it fell over on the floor when I was at school and my mom was thinking it was trash so ya.

Kendra, age 10 of Salina, KS wrote:
I put wather on it and nothing happened then I put 5 pennies on it and nothing happened good luck!

Turquoise, age 10 of Norristown, PA wrote:
It did not stay up right and I need a lote of tape.

Laura, age 8 of Waterloo, ON wrote:
When I did it I could put avery light book on it. I also tried a heavy pop can and it brok.

Taylor, age 9 of Pocomoke City, MD wrote:
I took 89 straws to bulid a bridge, then I tooa cup and I fulled it with 30 pennies and when I tried to put 1 more penny in it cullapsed.

Sarah, age 9 of Las Vegas wrote:
When I stacked the cup they started to fall, but then I got my cup tower to 123 cups!!

Teighan, age 8 of University Place wrote:
It worked... I put a bottle of tomato sause on it and it worked.

Charlette, age 9 of Tacoma, WA wrote:
It held a jar of coffie beens.

Daniela, age 8 of Indianapolis, IN wrote:
I put an box in top of it it did resist.

Amanda, age 12 of Cambridge, NY wrote:
I tried it 12 times, each time it fell apart.

Kylie, age 10 of Lubbuck, TX wrote:
It was very cool! I put toys on it and it worked! It did not brake!!!

Haley, age 10 of Colorado wrote:
Today when you did that pulse straw and clay thaning I got 39 in 1 minute.

Jessica, age 9 of Brooklyn, NY wrote:
When I did the crazy straw bridge I put a quarter on it and it stayed for a long time. It stayed from 6:AM to 12:AM. It is sure a crazy straw bridge. It is crazy, a straw and a bridge that is why it is called a crazystrawbridge and that is all I have to say.

Luis, age 11 wrote:
It broke in half.

Deanna, age 10 of Calgary wrote:
Well when I did it, it just fell and it only stayd up for about 30 seconds and then I built it again and then it fell again.

Omar, age 8 wrote:
It was kind of hard when you do the straw part but my dad helped me and I tryed putting a action figuire on it to see if...

Samantha, age 9 of Niles, MI wrote:
It fell apart when I put it together.

Kaela, age 6 of Seattle, WA wrote:
I took straws and I made a bridge, and I put a teddy bear on it, and it fell down.

Ashly, age 11 of Winnimuccu, NV wrote:
It stood up for a minet or two.

Mikayla/Chloe, age 10 of Gresham, OR wrote:
The bridge kept on falling.

Sarah, age 10 of Chicago wrote:
I put glue and stuff to hold it an I put books to see would it hold.

Shaquan, age 10 of Orange County, CA wrote:
When I did this project it looked cool. When I was brushing my teeth, I left my crazy straw bridge on the table, when I was done brushing my teeth, my sister ripped it a part.

Charrise, age 11 of Joy, IL wrote:
It staed up for 200 pennys then it fell hard.

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