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Counting Bugs


your results

Sent in by:
Indran of Kirksville, MO

A calculation of creepy-crawlies.

Materials Needed

  • a keen pair of eyes
  • magnifying glass
  • plastic bag or cup



  1. Help us find out how many different types of bugs there are in different parts of the country.
  2. Look for bugs around your school or home. You can find them in a lot of places, but cool, dark ones are best.
  3. Look in a basement, in grass under a rock or a log, or anywhere you think you'll find bugs.
  4. Count the number of legs the bug has and check whether or not it has wings.
  5. Since bugs can move pretty fast, you can make better observations if you scoop them into a plastic bag or cup.
  6. Be sure to return it to its natural home when you're done looking at it.

You can also send us your pictures or video of this ZOOMsci:
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Some of your Results

Bashir, age 9 of Vallejo, CA wrote:
I saw an army of ants 35 temites 5 diffrent kinds of spiders 8 white butterflies 3 fleas 8 bees and 600 bombeetles.

Arielle, age 7 of Corpus Christi, TX wrote:
When I counted the bugs I found some wered bugs.

Aseel, age 9 of Canada, NY wrote:

Heather of Lubbock, TX wrote:
I found a lot. 10 butterflys, 10 grasshoppers, 20 snails, 20 worms, 200 ants, 200 flys.

Jackie of Puerto Rico wrote:
It was nasty; I really don`t like them. There are a lot here where I live in Puerto Rico. Lots of them had 2 to 6 legs. It was ok.

Erica O., age 9 of Wilmington, DE wrote:
I found 9 flies with one set of wings. 1 ant with 6 legs.

Karina M., age 9 of Hinesville, GA wrote:
I found 10 roaches in my house. I found 5 mouquitos, 7 spiders, and 6 flies. I caught all of them and had a collection of bugs but I had to set them free.

Andrea D. of Farmington Hills, MI wrote:
I saw about 30 different kinds of bugs! They were fast so it was hard to catch them, but it was still real fun trying!

Jaime P., age 6 of New York wrote:
I found lots!!!

Amber E., age 9 of Oak Forest, IL wrote:
I found 7 kinds of bugs and 70 were found. I found 10 ladybugs, 10 cockroaches, 10 lightning bugs, 10 ants, 5 black rollipollies and 5 white ones, 10 spiders, and 10 grass hoppers.

Erika H., age 10 of South Lion, MI wrote:
I saw 10 bugs with wings and 7 without. I saw 6 with 2 pairs of wings 4 with 1 pair of wings. Out of the 7, 2 bugs had 8 legs, 2 more bugs had 6 legs, and 3 bugs had 2 legs.

Lauren & Sarah H. wrote:
My sister and I found seven ant colonies around our house. One of the colonies was a queens nest under a rock in our front yard, it had lots of white larvae under it. We also found lots of bees, but didn't find their hive. In our yard there were also lots of mosquitos.

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