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Color Symphony


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Sent in by:
Ms. Rauchendecker's class in Arrada, CO

A rhythm of rainbow-osity.

Materials Needed

  • disposable cups
  • 3 different bottles of food coloring
  • milk
  • white glue
  • dishwashing detergent



  1. Take the milk out of the refrigerator and let it warm up a little. It'll work better if it's not cold.
  2. Put the milk in a cup.
  3. Add drops of food coloring in a triangle or square pattern
  4. Put a drop of soap in the middle of the food coloring design and watch the colors move. Cool, huh? Milk has fat in it and the soap breaks up the fat. The food coloring swirls into the places where the fat used to be.
  5. Now, instead of using milk, try it with glue. Soap also prevents glue from sticking together. If you let the glue harden, you can cut away the cup and you have a colored disk.

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Some of your Results

Kavita S., age 12 of Canton, MI wrote:
I saw very beautiul colors mix together. It was a great science experiment.

Lori G., age 12 of BC wrote:
When I tried this experiment I used regular glue, 4 colours and soap and the final result was a swirling black pool. I think I added to much soap and too many colours (too much also)!

Alison and Melanie B. wrote:
We did this experiment at our homeschool. We tried it with glue and it worked. But, we left it on our kicthen counter as we did more experiments. One involved boiling water so our mom picked up our baby sister to keep her away from the water. She stood right next to the counter where our cup was. That was a big mistake! Our baby sister grabbed the cup. None of us noticed. Our mom went to change her diaper and yes, the glue mixture spilled all the way down the hall, on the walls and everything, and at last our sister dumped it on herself. Guess who had to clean it up!

Anonymous wrote:
It didn't work.

Amanda M., age 8 of Baltimore, MD wrote:
I used milk and the food coloring went where the fat was. I used water and it didn't work because water is not a cream and it has no fat so the food coloring doesn't do anything.

Xoche O., age 12 of Ogden, UT wrote:
I loved this one it was so cool. I used the glue and kept the disk.

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