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Coat Hanger Invention


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Sent in by:
Beth of Framingham, MA

Hang on!

Materials Needed

  • thin wire coat hangers
  • two tables
  • pliers
  • two bowls
  • water balloons
  • some friends



  1. Using the wire hangers, move the water balloons from one table to another.The only catch is that you can't move once you begin the water balloon transfer, you can't pass the balloon from one person to another, and the balloon can't break when it hits the table. Try it at home!

ZOOMon. Pick an everyday object like a paper towel roll and see how many different ways you can use it. Test it out and send your reports in to our special feedback area. Every week, we'll publish a whole bunch. Who knows, you might even invent a new tool!

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Some of your Results

Hannah, age 8 of Sioux Falls, SD wrote:
Your coat hanger thing me and my brother did it in our old house and got it across our basement and it was so cool!!! I shot toys and so many othor cool stuff and junk too.

not yet implemented