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Cereal Dispenser


your results

Sent in by:
Maxx of Whitehall, NY

It's smooth cereal-ing with this cereal dispenser.

Materials Needed

  • 2 liter empty soda bottle
  • paper towel tubes
  • cardboard
  • masking tape
  • small paper cups
  • scissors



  1. First, with an adult's help, cut the spout off the empty bottle.
  2. Cut the bottom off one paper cup. Put the top of the cup over the top of the bottle and tape it into place.
  3. You'll need a cut-off valve. To make one, cut a horizontal slit in the paper towel tube. Then cut a rectangle out of a piece of cardboard that can fit into the slit.
  4. Put the cardboard into the slit in the paper towel tube. This will control how fast the cereal comes through the tube.
  5. Then tape the paper towel tube to the cup on the bottle.
  6. Cut the bottom off of another cup and tape the bottom end of the cup to the other end of the tube.
  7. With adult help, cut a door in the side of the bottle.
  8. Fill the bottle halfway with your favorite cereal. Maxx says that the cereal dispenser works better if you use small cereal.
  9. Open the cut-off valve on the paper towel tube to pour the cereal into your bowl.

Are you an inventor? If you are, think of a problem you want solved. Like, can you invent a cereal dispenser that closes automatically? Make a design and then try to build it. Then, test out your invention, make some changes so that it works really well, and send your reports to our special feedback area. Each week we'll publish a whole bunch!

You can also send us your pictures or video of this ZOOMsci:
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Some of your Results

Keyana, age 14 of South Holland, IL wrote:
My sister is confused about the project. Because there's no picture of cereal dispenser so we not doing it. And what does this mean when it said to cut the spout off the empty bottle?

Andy, age 11 of Tippcity, OH wrote:
Well wen the magnet fell from the pulley that was activated by cutting string too let it go and then it lifted up the end part of the box and tiped it over into a bowl!!!

Eli, age 9 of New Castle, CO wrote:
It really worked! Then I tryed a tripel dispenser. I uesed it and my famley loved it!

Rhiannah, age 12 of Claremont, CA wrote:
It was perfect. I use it in my kichen now.

Erika, age 11 of San Lorenzo, CA wrote:
I tried it and it broke! What can I do to keep it from breaking?

Cherie, age 13 of Singapore wrote:
I modified it and it was totally awsome. I had a air tight container at the top so the cerreal would be fresher. So kool.

Tim and Bill, age 7 of El Paso, TX wrote:
We tried this cereal dispenser 14 times and it wouldn't work. But not the 15 one that DID WORK. You all try it.

Ruth, age 12 of Brooklyn, NY wrote:
The instructions are hard to follow but the reward is great! I luv it I also made a milk dispenser!!!

Eli, age 8 of New Castle, CO wrote:
I tryed a tripple Cereal Dispenser. It worked!

Kulsum, age 9 of Chicago, IL wrote:
The cereal dispenser worked really good it kept my cereal fresh.

Amanda, age 13 of Chicago, IL wrote:

Toby, age 9 of Odessa wrote:
When I did it, I didnt have a soda bottle, so I taped the two cups together.

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