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Sent in by:
Nicholas of MI

Can you make butter in a jar?

Materials Needed

  • heavy cream
  • a jar with a lid



  1. Check with a grown-up before you begin.
  2. Nicholas of Michigan sent us directions for how to turn cream into two parts, a solid, butter, and a liquid, buttermilk.
  3. All you do is put some heavy cream into a jar with a lid.
  4. Screw the lid on tight and begin to shake it.
  5. The cream has little globs of fat and protein. When you shake the jar, you get the fat and the protein that are moving around in the cream to stick together.
  6. Keep shaking the cream back and forth until it thickens. In about 10 minutes, it will turn to butter.
  7. When you shake the jar, the little fat and protein globs in the cream hit each other and stick together, forming a larger and larger glob.
  8. The glob is butter! The liquid that's leftover is buttermilk.

So, you know that cream can be separated into two parts, but can you put them back together? Experiment with this and send your discoveries to ZOOM!

Some of your Results

Alicia, age 12 of Harbeson, DE wrote:
At first it didnt work but, I tryed it again and it made butter!!

Donchevelle, age 10 of Tamarac, FL wrote:
it turned solid and it it is delsious

Fabby, age 10 of Brooklyn, NY wrote:
well my mom tried the butter. I added a tip of salt to give it taste and she put it on bread. she said that it tasted great. so I guess my project was fantastic.

Ashley, age 14 of LA, CA wrote:
it wouldnt work at first and then it turned to butter

Corey/Raph, age 12 of Bedford, QC wrote:
the 35% whip cream was totally awesome!!! We had lots of fun dipping our fingers! When we shook it it turned into real butter!

Adam, age 11 of Noyan, QC wrote:
we used 35% and it was really good butter

Branden, age 11 of Stanbridge E., QC wrote:
The 35% cream made really good butter. The others, were still a bit milky.

Erica, age 13 of Canada wrote:
well when our class made the butter we all liked it very much because we all got to shake it and make our own and then we were done we got to put the butter on the cracker. I found out when u shake the jar of cream it makes it more thick and it goes faster

Kaitie, age 13 of AL wrote:
When I made this I used a BIG jar and made a quarter of a cup it lasted 4 days.

Jasper, age 6 wrote:
It was so cool!!!

Carolina, age 12 of Phoenix, AZ wrote:
it was awesome and I had a lot of fun everyone at school liked my project

Kristy, age 13 of Brooklyn, NY wrote:
When I did it it didn't look like butter it smelled like butter but then the butter was all over the jar

Toni, age 14 of Atlanta, GA wrote:
when I did it the butter floated 2 the top

Olivia, age 11 of Missoula, MT wrote:
I broke 2 jars before it worked, so I think I shook it a bit tooooo hard! I also added a marble, which made it thicken faster. It was really good and gone too fast! I'm looking foward to making it again!!!

Adaugo, age 9 of Hamden, CT wrote:
my class loved it

Iva, age 7 of Garden Grove, CA wrote:
We shook our jars until we saw a clump and the butter milk. We spread our butter on crackers then added salt and pepper. We all liked it!

Katara, age 10 of Little Rock, AR wrote:
OMG! that was so awesome and the butter tasted great!

April, age 11 of Houston, TX wrote:
the butter WAS REALLY GOOD and it tasted better when you added salt and sugar

Shaylene, age 9 of Penticton, BC wrote:
I do not now but I ate it and it taset good.

Dexter, age 7 of Hemet, CA wrote:
I ate it yummy in my tummy.

Cj, age 11 of Terrace, BC wrote:
I ate it and it was good!

Rebecca, age 10 wrote:
It was hard at frist but I got the hang of it.

Bre'Anna, age 10 of CA wrote:
It was hard to mix then it got easyer.

Athena, age 7 of Salt Lake City, UT wrote:
My arms got really tired, but I got to see the butter clumping together. We put it on skillet bread, it is yummy!

Subs, age 9 of Lakewood, IL wrote:
It was just like butter and it tasted really good!!!

Nicole, age 11 of Logan wrote:
I did it. It did not trun out so good.

Zaria, age 6 of Denver, CO wrote:
It exploded. I put too much milk in it.

Addison, age 11 of Belleville, IL wrote:
Well... I couldn't find a jar so I used a water bottle...and couldn't get it out!

Phillip, age 9 of Nanaimo, BC wrote:
It turned all thick and it smelled like scrambled eggs.

Jose, age 7 of Kendall, FL wrote:
I found out that butter is like ice creme.

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