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Bubble-Blowing Machine


your results

Sent in by:
Alexandra of Somers, NY

A double-dipping machine that blows billions of bubbles.

Materials Needed

  • 1 quart empty milk carton
  • drinking straw
  • clay
  • 4 bubble blowing wands
  • scissors
  • clothespin
  • bubble solution



  1. Check with an adult before you begin.
  2. To make a Bubble-Blowing Machine, take a straw and wrap some clay around the middle.
  3. Snip off a ring from one end of some store-bought bubble-blowing wands so that each wand has just one ring.
  4. Poke the ends of the bubble-blowing wands into the clay so that the rings stick out around the straw.
  5. Lay the milk carton on its side and cut a big window out of the side that's facing up.
  6. Cut two Vs across from each other on the long edges of this big window. Now place your straw in the milk carton so that the ends of the straws are resting in the Vs and the bubble-blowing wands are in the center of the milk carton. Put a clothespin on one side of the straw to make a handle for turning the straw easily.
  7. Fill the milk carton halfway with bubble solution.
  8. Turn the clothespin and blow into the rings as they come up out of the bubble solution.
  9. If your Bubble-Blowing Machine isn't working well, you may need to modify your design by making the wands shorter or longer.

This machine saves you the work of dipping the wand each time you want to blow a bubble. You still have to blow the bubbles and turn the straw. Can you come up with a Bubble-Blowing Machine that automatically turns the straw and blows the bubbles? Build and try out your inventions. Then send your designs to ZOOM. Be sure to let us know what worked and didn't work and what you think would work better.

Some of your Results

Mark, age 10 of Toronto, ON wrote:
I blew up a very big bubble then it popped, then I blew a nother one then put a nother one in it

Arianna, age 7 of San Jose, CA wrote:
their was lots of bubbles.

Muhammad, age 10 of East Lansing, MI wrote:
It was so cool. My brother and my sisiter were amazed. It made alot of bubbles

Shashatha, age 9 of Dubai / Sharjah wrote:
Lot of bubbles Came out.

Malasha, age 12 of Bladensburg, MD wrote:
it was so cool I use it for my science fair project

Jessi, age 11 of San Antonio, TX wrote:
it was so cool it worked after a little while but I had to ajust it

Amy, age 7 of Sacramento, CA wrote:
the bubble-blowing machine was so cool. I will do it again. I cant wait

Sullivan, age 6 of Jasper, IN wrote:
We went outside and put the bubbled in the machene and started it up. It was so cool to watch it so I thought that you guys would like to try it out.

Danielle, age 8 of Ozark wrote:
It blew bubbles every where!

John, age 11 wrote:
It was so cool I like bubble if u put a fan it will be better!!!

Ethan, age 7 of Holden, LA wrote:
It blowd bubbles!

Danny, age 8 of Toronto, ON wrote:
When I did it bubbles where going everywhere!

Chelsea, age 10 of Baton Rouge, LA wrote:
It will blow bubbles every where.

David, age 5 of Mifflinburg, PA wrote:
I will blow through a tube to another tube then it will go to the bubbles!

Alize, age 10 of Wooddale, IL wrote:
It dident work so good because I dident atach the wand to something, but it still blew bubble!

Jadyn, age 5 of Lafayette, LA wrote:
I blew bubles with my sisters.

Kassidy, age 9 of Russellville, MO wrote:
When I tried the experiment the bubbelblowwer kept walbelling. Then I got a peace of cardbord and taped so it whould not walbel.

Cheyenne, age 8 of Cheyenne, WY wrote:
I blew a huge bubble!

Vanessa, age 11 of Kissimmee, FL wrote:
It was pretty cool, I made it but with like four bubble wands. Everyone in my house are trying to make one.

Cesar, age 13 of Canoga Park, CA wrote:
I think It would be better if you would add a fan so it could actually dip and blow itself. Use the energy of the fan to move the dipper. It would go faster if you took the clips out. Also you could also add more dippers to make 4x the bubble.

Bob, age 11 of Tampa, FL wrote:
My machine blew 2 many bubbles but the 2nd timee it blew 1 big bubble and the 3rd time a. k. a. the last time I worked.

Alyssa, age 7 of Surprise, AZ wrote:
I made cool looking shaped bubbles.

Skyla, age 11 of Eunice, LA wrote:
It blew a lot of bubbels.

Makkah, age 12 of Galloway Township wrote:
It worked but not very well as yours!!! I think I messed up on the directions!!! But I will keep trying until I get it bcuz I really want to have fun!!!

Leslie, age 12 of Joliet, IL wrote:
When I did this the machine didnt work, instead of bubbles I got... water coming out from the bottom!!

Raven, age 8 of San Atonio wrote:
Bubbles came out every were.

Kimme of Cleveland, OH wrote:
It blew bubbles like it was supposte to.

Jon, age 16 of Delaware, DE wrote:
Alot of bubbles went every where.

Payton, age 10 of Portland, OR wrote:
It didnt work thier wear 2 holes in my milk cart.

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