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Bird's Nests


your results

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Madison of OH

Be glad you don't have to build it with your beak!

Materials Needed

  • mud
  • straw
  • grass
  • twigs
  • string
  • sticks
  • eggs (you can also use hard-boiled eggs)
  • 3 rulers or yardsticks
  • tape



  1. Check with a grown-up before you begin.
  2. Using mud, straw, grass, twigs, sticks and string, try to build the strongest nest you can.
  3. Test out your nest by placing it in a low branch of a tree, or you can tape 3 rulers or yardsticks together into a triangle to simulate a tree branch. Place hard-boiled eggs in it. How many can it hold?

How can you make your nest even stronger? What other materials could you use to make your nest? Experiment and be sure to send us your results so we can share them with other ZOOMscientists.

Some of your Results

Dulcey, age 8 of Pocatello wrote:
it was messy.

Rayven, age 8 of Milton wrote:
Alot of bids came mostly woodpeckers. It was machanical bird nest covered in sticks and dust IT WAS AWSOME how many birds came

Tracey, age 10 of Miami, FL wrote:
that was so cooooooooooooooooooooooool.

Adam, age 10 of Linwood, NJ wrote:
i built it and put it in a tree alot of birds built nests around that one and know it is a pufect habitat

Josephine, age 7 of Phoenix wrote:
When I did it so butiful it was amazing to see the seen.

Jennifer, age 9 of Newark, OH wrote:
it normaly fell down so I kept on making it bigger.

Anna of Seminole, FL wrote:
we got all kinds of birds. thanks

Gabriella, age 9 of Las Vegas, NV wrote:
i found out by building a home for the bird{s}. you save them from being endangered or extinct. try it at home!!!

Aimee, age 11 of Covington, LA wrote:
None of the birds got in the bird nest.

Naomie of MI wrote:
it calpst

Katrina, age 12 of Inver Grove, MN wrote:
It was so awsome I put it in all of my birds cages(i have twelve birds) and they had a hole lot of babies in them my birds really like them thank you zoom kids it really helped my birds(now I have 16 birds thank you to all of you kids at zoom)

Megan, age 6 of New York City, NY wrote:
We tried to make a nest but it fell apart.

Blake, age 11 of Boston, MA wrote:
A mom and a dad came in and had three babys they where so cute.

Kiana, age 6 of Quebec wrote:
It broke because of all the sticks were loose.

Christian, age 10 of Mesa, AZ wrote:
A bird was passing through and he came in the nests.

Brook, age 9 of London, ON wrote:
I made it and put it out side and now birds live in it.

Henry, age 8 of California wrote:
I made a bird nestr and I saw a hawk in it it was the best moment ever I saw the babbies they were so cute.

Nancy, age 9 of Hood River, OR wrote:
First I got some sticks and grass. Then I build a nest. I looked around for a place high enough to put the nest, then later I looked on a branch and there I saw a bird on my nest that I made!

Archita, age 7 of Fremont, CA wrote:
I made a nest out of grass in march.

Jenny, age 10 of Newark, NJ wrote:
I build it with twigs small ones it worked pretty well like always but this time it appeared to be more often that it could stand longer then the last time I did that scenice experiment.

Morgan, age 10 of Regina, SK wrote:
Well the bird found it and thouth it could be there nest.

Kristen, age 15 of Chicago, IL wrote:
It was sterdy. I left it out side, because I thought it might help birds. The next week I saw some Roben eggs.

Mona, age 10 wrote:
I put it in my backyard and I had over 20 birds but belive meI couldn't count them they moved alot.

Leah, age 9 of Mexico City wrote:
I put it in a tree but no bird came.

Symone, age 7 of Inglewood, CA wrote:
When I did my experiment a little bird came.

Kaitlyn, age 9 of West Covina, CA wrote:
One day I tried to make a bird nest so we accomplished it and the birds still live there.

Arrious, age 9 of Beverly Hills, CA wrote:
When I did the bird nest, the next week or-so birds moved in!! Because of that my friend and I am now putting bird nestes all over!!!

Delanie, age 10 of Poland, ME wrote:
It held 7 eggs and a bird came to live in it and the bird had babies in the nest. They were so cute I wish I could hold them. It was the best expierement I have ever done.

Emily, age 9 of Los Angeles, CA wrote:
I made it for my parakeet and my bird started making eggs. It was very cute bacause everyday, I looked and the mom was caring for the babies. The dad could see the mom and helped care for it. I liked seeing the eggs hatch. I also held the eggs and helped look after them. The babies were so cute that I just had to show them off to my friends. That was the best moment that had evr happened to me.

David, age 12 of Minneapolis, MN wrote:
I made a bird's nest I put it in my window and jest in 3 day's ther was a bird in it.

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