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Bird's Nests


your results

Sent in by:
Madison of OH

Be glad you don't have to build it with your beak!

Materials Needed

  • mud
  • straw
  • grass
  • twigs
  • string
  • sticks
  • eggs (you can also use hard-boiled eggs)
  • 3 rulers or yardsticks
  • tape



  1. Check with a grown-up before you begin.
  2. Using mud, straw, grass, twigs, sticks and string, try to build the strongest nest you can.
  3. Test out your nest by placing it in a low branch of a tree, or you can tape 3 rulers or yardsticks together into a triangle to simulate a tree branch. Place hard-boiled eggs in it. How many can it hold?

How can you make your nest even stronger? What other materials could you use to make your nest? Experiment and be sure to send us your results so we can share them with other ZOOMscientists.

Some of your Results

Tamara, age 9 of Houston, TX wrote:
It worked perfectly just as I planed. I thought if I could use bird nests to make bird feeders the birds would like it more.

Hannah, age 7 of MT wrote:
i put mudd and twigs farst i wost was twigs then mudd.

Ajoop, age 10 of New York, NY wrote:
i built thirteen nests... we have a big yard. so a few days later I hear chirping and I see two woodpekers in one nest with 10 eggs. then there were 2 cardinal families, one with 4 eggs the other with 11 eggs. after a few weeks we saw 2 parakeets so when the door was open they flew in so now outside we have 2 cardinal families plus eggs, 3 bluejay families plus eggs one purple finch family plus eggs, one woodpecker family plus eggs, one chickadii family plus eggs, 3 sparrow nests plus eggs and 2 quail nests plus eggs

Zen, age 13 of Fresno, CA wrote:
a few days after we made it we found a quail had laid eggs in them

Aisha, age 9 of Philadelphia, PA wrote:
first you get some sticks and grass and put some worms and find some birds

Cindy, age 12 of Altoona, WI wrote:
When I put it in there a lot of birds flocked by and they fought for the nest then a beautiful Blue Jay won it and then laid it's eggs there and then they hatched into chicks then quickly they turned into fledglings. It was an awesome expirement and mine held 20 eggs!

Jaden, age 10 of Keller, TX wrote:
it actuly worked

Niel, age 10 of Laoag City wrote:
its great. some eggs hatch!

Charlie, age 8 of Fareham, UK wrote:
5 eggs were in it!!!

Briana, age 11 of South Gate, CA wrote:
it worked when I treid it.

May, age 7 of Bakersfield wrote:
some birds came and they layed there eggs.

Amy, age 13 of DC wrote:
i put it in the tree and a bird sat in it and had a egg.

Jaeden, age 10 of Brush Prairie, WA wrote:
when I made it I didnt put eggs in it and I put it out side on a tree and two days later there was five bird eggs in it.

Freyja, age 5 of Warrington wrote:
we made them out of straw.

Denessa, age 9 of San Diego, CA wrote:
nothing but the next day I found! Eggs!

Amina, age 7 of Boulder, CO wrote:
a bird moved in to it.

Caprice, age 8 of MT wrote:
it fell apart when I first did it. But it worked the second time I did it.

Keijuan, age 9 of LA wrote:
I sat it outside and a bird went in.

Cambria, age 6 of CA wrote:
I got a nest and the bird hatched it and inside the egg was a baby bird.

Nikki, age 13 of Warwick, RI wrote:
they onlnly slepped in it one night. one came back the next night and it was a red robben.

Brianna, age 12 of Lewiston, ME wrote:
Yellow finches came and layed eggs.

Brenda, age 14 of Des Plaines, IL wrote:
I had a storm over the summer. And the storm did some damages. And destroyed a bird nest. I build a bird nest.

Travis, age 12 of Eugowra wrote:
it was fun and two birds came and nested and about a month later thjere was babbies

Mckenna, age 8 of Pleasent Grove, AL wrote:
it was amazing there 20 robin's eggs it was the most wonderful scene ever. I even got to see them hatch it was truly amazing.

Anne, age 12 of Bristol, England wrote:
It was so... cool. But it went really messy. It was pretty fun

Emily, age 8 of AZ wrote:
I saw a bird nest with a new born bird.

Kelsey, age 12 of Ottumwa, IA wrote:
It was so fun. The first thing I did was got twigs and mud.

Joselinn, age 10 of Rogers, AR wrote:
A bird came and laid it's egg there!

Francis, age 6 of Shirley, NY wrote:
At first, the nest fell apart on the ground. Then, we used glue to hold some parts together. We placed it in a tree and two new birds came!! It was so much fun.

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