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Bird Feeder


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Winter snacks for our feathered friends and acquaintances.

Materials Needed

  • empty milk carton
  • string
  • birdseed



  1. Check with a grown-up before you begin. Cutting a milk carton can be pretty tricky.
  2. First, punch a hole in the top of the milk carton and put a string through the hole.
  3. Cut the milk carton starting 5 1/2 inches up from the bottom.
  4. Start in the middle of one side and cut all the way around to the middle of the opposite side.
  5. Then go back to where you started, and cut down about 3 inches, and then back around to the opposite side, and up until you meet the other cut. This will be a doorway.
  6. Then fill the carton with bird seed until it reaches the hole you cut in the sides.
  7. Using the string, hang the carton on a tree branch or something else outside.
  8. To find out more about what birds need and how you can help them, check out the ZOOM Into Action: Conservation Guide in ZOOM Into Action.

Some of your Results

Tamya, age 10 of Atlanta, GA wrote:
first it sat there until a bird came and then when one did finally come it smelled it I guess and went to have a lunch out of it

Kaylee, age 8 of Plainfild, CT wrote:
we hung it outside and bird went in it.

De'Ashlee, age 11 of Colfax, LA wrote:
it was pretty but I for got to glue it so when I hung it up in the tree it shattered

Kelly, age 13 of Leonardtown, MD wrote:
It was a fun game. I got to feed birds.

Jennifer of Nothwood, OH wrote:
Hello. this is Jennifer I have made a Bird Feeder out of pine cone I took Peanut Butter and rolled It in some Bird seeds and hong It a Branch I did when I was in school one time that was so much fun even the Birds enjoy It

Alex, age 8 of Washington wrote:
when I made my bird feeder I put soda in side of the food or liquid instead and all the birds started being hipper it was awesome!

Kylie, age 8 of Templeton, MA wrote:
i watched it for a few minetes a a bird took some seeds.

Grace, age 7 of Ohio wrote:
it did not stay together!

Rene, age 10 of Sacramento, CA wrote:
I did this experiment, and then I left it outside for the birds. Wow!!! You should have saw the view! There were about 100 birds in my yard. Just kidding, exagerating! There were about 6 or 7. And that's a suprise to me. There's usually no birds at all at my house. Thanks for letting me share my experience!!!

Shabreantay, age 12 of New Orleans, LA wrote:
a lot of birds had came to eat the food it was so much fun my mother love it, too.

Channel, age 10 of NY wrote:
all the birds came to it in my neighbor hood.

Olivia, age 8 of Midland, MI wrote:
the birds came and ate the food!

Cat of NE wrote:
Lots and lots of birds came for food. They must have been really hungry!

George, age 9 of GA wrote:
I use water jug. my mother help me.

Jamesa, age 11 of MS wrote:
it was crazy. a lot of birds came. we had to make more.

Bianca, age 16 of Powder Spring, GA wrote:
the bird eat it all.

Shannon, age 9 of Trenton wrote:
birds came - just take a pinecone add peanut butter then bird seed & a rope.

Adrienne, age 10 of Anchorage wrote:
lots of brids came to it and I mean lots of them came.

Anthony, age 6 of Chicago, IL wrote:
my bird ate it and it was so cool.

Jamie, age 14 of ID wrote:
I did a Bird Feeder machine last summer.

Emileigh, age 7 of Norfolk, VA wrote:
Birds came and ate food.

Brody, age 7 of League City, TX wrote:
The birds came and ate their food

Dakota, age 8 of Indian Trail, NC wrote:
Alot of birds came.

Kassie, age 9 of Ohio wrote:
when I was done I saw 20 birds in 1. because I put alot of bird seeds ok. it was a lot of fun

Emilee, age 11 of Bremen wrote:
I tried to do the Bird Feeder and it didn't work as planned it turned out to be a bird remover instead of a bird feeder

Kamryn, age 6 of Madisonville, KY wrote:
i put peanut butter and oat cereal on it and the next day it was all gone.

Karley, age 14 of Pine Prairie, LA wrote:
When I made a bird feeder it ate all the food.

Emma, age 9 of Kingston wrote:
I filed it up and in a minit or tow it was allmost gone

Brianna, age 10 of Eutawville, SC wrote:
When I did it a lot of birds came and start to eat the seeds that I put out for them. When I get in 5th grade I'm going to do the bird feeder again.

Samantha of Stevens Point, WI wrote:
i made it so birds don't have to fly. it would be by the bird house.

ZOOM Fan, age 8 of Stratford, CT wrote:
it was sarce because I thout the bird was just going to peak me

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