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Balloon Car


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Sent in by:
The Weston School in Weston, MA

Did you know that you can download a FREE, WAY COOL gizmo, our very own Balloon Car Builder? Then, build a real one and see which goes farther, your homemade one or the one on your computer.

Materials Needed

  • half-gallon milk carton
  • balloon
  • straws
  • 4 spools
  • some straight pins



  1. The milk carton can be the body. Wash out your carton and cut off the top.
  2. Then, cut it in half the long way.
  3. Cut a small hole in the middle of one of the short sides of the carton. This is where the balloon goes. You'll probably have to mess around with the size of the hole. If it's too big or too small, there won't be enough force to move the car.
  4. Put the balloon through this hole, but don't blow it up yet.
  5. The next thing you do is make holes on each side of the carton for the axles and stick straws though these holes. Make sure they're close to the bottom.
  6. Then attach the spools to the straws and put pins through the straws to keep the spools on.
  7. Now, blow up the balloon – don't tie the end – and let your car go!

Some of your Results

Matthew, Shawn, Johnny, Anthon of TX wrote:
It didn't go very far from air but from the balloon it went faster.

Tamya, age 10 of GA wrote:
The first thing that happened was it sat there for a moment the when I gave it a good push it started to move.

Tamya, age 10 of Atlanta, GA wrote:
The first thing that happened when I did it was I glued a stick on it the put wheels on them and then it started to move then I showed my cousins how to do it.

Allison, age 10 of Matthews, NC wrote:
It went one foot. It obviously did not go far at all. Sigh...

Rachel, age 10 of Toronto wrote:
Well I had trouble finding a balloon but when I did it it almost lifted of the ground with speed!

Kendall, age 9 of Tampa, FL wrote:
It went really fast and really far and me and my partner Christen we got in 5TH place.

Brianna, age 10 of Houston wrote:
It started to go in the air

John of Hollywood, CO wrote:
I tried it. it didn't go that far. I put the staws at the front at an angle. that worked better.

Vicki, age 8 of Mequon, WI wrote:
it did not work and I tryed agan and it worked.

Joel, age 8 of Singapore wrote:
It worked well, was fast and even tavelled far!

Gillian, age 10 of Waialua, HI wrote:
the balloon car was so cool. for my car the car went super fast.

Al, age 13 of Columbia, SC wrote:
it worked. we came in second place.

Demi, age 11 of Las Vegas, NV wrote:
I tried to make a balloon car out of card board and some lego. It didn't work, but my dad showed me how to make it out of lego and it worked!! If it doesn't work for people who tried it you just have to make the balloon bigger.

Emily, age 10 of Fair Oaks Ranch, TX wrote:
when I did my science project for my science fair at school I chose to do a balloon car and the car with the wooden box went farther than the styrofoam car.

Sophia, age 12 of Yonkers, NY wrote:
It was exciting. my whole class enjoyed it and it went far. I recommend it to others!

Donna, age 14 of Garden Grove, CA wrote:
i tried it and it work. am glad because my project was due the next day!

Axana, age 11 of Springfield, MA wrote:
it did not go far.

Alexa, age 15 of Stratford, CT wrote:
my car went really fast.

Brandon, age 11 of Adelaide wrote:
it was an awsome thing but took ages to make. it work but it zoomed really fast when finished.

Vane, age 12 of Torrance, CA wrote:
It was a great expirement.

Destiny, age 10 of Homer, LA wrote:
i took a picture of it then the wind blew and it went away and I didnt see every since.

Tyler, age 5 wrote:
It zoomd.

Aaliyah, age 13 of Madison, TN wrote:
when I first did the balloon car it didn't go.

Skye, age 14 of LA wrote:
At first, I used wooden sticks as a transfer for the straws, but it was too much weight. I then used straws and it went real fast. You just have to aim the car right.

Kennedy, age 10 of Lousville, KY wrote:
the balloon car exploded

Austin, age 9 of Gold, NC wrote:
It was cool it went 55 feet.

Ashley, age 15 of Dekalb, IL wrote:
I am really glad that this experiment was published on both the show and website because I had to do this for a Science project! Whoo-Hoo!! It went a little over the distance of 5m.

Maddie, age 9 of Chicago, IL wrote:
I really thought it was fun. I wish I could do this in real life!

Justin, age 11 of Burbank, CA wrote:
The car went faster because I blow the balloon a lot.

Alli, age 10 of Perrysburg, OH wrote:
I have tried it before I ever knew what Zoom was but when I tried it the Zoom way it really worked and went really far.

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