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Balloon Car


your results

Sent in by:
The Weston School in Weston, MA

Did you know that you can download a FREE, WAY COOL gizmo, our very own Balloon Car Builder? Then, build a real one and see which goes farther, your homemade one or the one on your computer.

Materials Needed

  • half-gallon milk carton
  • balloon
  • straws
  • 4 spools
  • some straight pins



  1. The milk carton can be the body. Wash out your carton and cut off the top.
  2. Then, cut it in half the long way.
  3. Cut a small hole in the middle of one of the short sides of the carton. This is where the balloon goes. You'll probably have to mess around with the size of the hole. If it's too big or too small, there won't be enough force to move the car.
  4. Put the balloon through this hole, but don't blow it up yet.
  5. The next thing you do is make holes on each side of the carton for the axles and stick straws though these holes. Make sure they're close to the bottom.
  6. Then attach the spools to the straws and put pins through the straws to keep the spools on.
  7. Now, blow up the balloon – don't tie the end – and let your car go!

Some of your Results

Bobby, age 11 of Baxter, MN wrote:
my dad and I did it and it will only go go a meter. I need it to go 5 for an a on my project.

Shannon of Holland Patent, NY wrote:
It rolled across the floor 10 ft from the air in the balloon I though that it wouldnt work tha t was so awesome I toalltally recommen it to everyone I got 3rd place in the science fair thank you Zoom.

Grace, age 9 of Picton, ON wrote:
my balloon car made out of a toilit paper roll with 2 balloons and bottle caps 4 weels it went 6 feet 2 point 6 inches far.

Fatima, age 8 of Carteret, NJ wrote:
I made two cars car 1 had a small hole and car 2 had a bigger hole. car 2 went a longer distence.

Kevin, age 11 of West Orange, NJ wrote:
when I did my balloon car it would not move at all. It just emptied the air in the balloon car.

Omara & Mercy, age 12 of York, PA wrote:
when we put the balloon on the toy car it was not sucessful. Then when we tried the second time the ballon burst. So the third time the ballon flew in the air! I guess thirds the charm!

Tessa, age 11 of Shelbyville, IL wrote:
It took off 4 about 7 sec. then it stopped.

Matt, age 4 of Nazereth, PA wrote:
it went super fast and hit the wall and broke

Rachel, age 10 of London, GB wrote:
it moved really well. It traveled a long way I was so pleased

Vinesh, age 10 of Schaumburg, IL wrote:
my car went airborne!!!

Danny, age 8 of Texas wrote:
It poped.

Quyndon, age 9 of NJ wrote:
it went 3 miles

Kayla, age 13 of Bedford, QC wrote:
the car movied away

Sophie, age 9 of Toronto wrote:
IT whent fling!

Anna, age 10 of Minneapolis, MN wrote:
Well when I opened the balloon it went far.

Katie, age 11 of Moreno Valley, CA wrote:
it blew up and went so fast that I could'nt even catch up with it after i've been runing after it.

Absalom, age 9 of New York, NY wrote:

Betsy, age 11 of Arizona wrote:
the ballon car was out of controlled

Hannah, age 11 of Brownsville, TN wrote:
it went perfectly! Thankz Zoom you rock!

Ashley, age 15 of Jersey City, NJ wrote:
when I did it the ballon poped.

Alexis, age 13 of Hollandale, MS wrote:
i was so excited and I challenged my classmates, friends, and family to. So we all got the materials and made it the same day and put it to the test and I WON!!! and now I'm looking foward to something new

Tommy, age 12 of Allentown, PA wrote:
it was awesome all I heed to do was make the car more aerodynamic so it could go through the air not against it so it could gain speed and distance

Darya, age 9 of Jonesboro, GA wrote:
i first got a ballon and a 4 set of small wheels. then you blow the ballon up. get some tape and tape the wheels to the ballon. then, you ask an adult to get a needle and to pop it.

Maranatha of Vatia Village, Samoa wrote:
It worked, and my physics teacher love it. thank you for your help, it was the best balloon car in my physics class, we were trying to determine which baloon car has the most distance and the most acceleration.

Tiny, age 11 of Arlington, TX wrote:
it went fast and crashed

Dj, age 9 of Caruthers, CA wrote:
My ballooncar went so fast that it wrecked and brock.

Angelina, age 11 of Rexburg, ID wrote:
I got it all ready and put the balloon on and then it started racing all around it was pretty cool.

Erika of Murrieta, MN wrote:
The car worked brilliantly!

Rhonda, age 13 of Louisville, KY wrote:
The balloons keep on popping on me!!!

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