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Science Rocks!

Balloon Boat


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Sent in by:
Asha C. of Calgary, AB, Canada

ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM! A boat with a balloon!

Materials Needed

  • empty 1/2 gallon milk carton
  • clear tape
  • a straw
  • a balloon
  • string
  • scissors
  • pool of water (You could use your bathtub.)



  1. Construct a balloon boat using a milk carton, tape, a straw, and a balloon.
  2. When you are building your boat, think about what force will push the boat forward, and what will make the boat go faster or slower, straight or crooked.
  3. You could also build a string track for your boat so that it will travel in a straight line.
  4. If you like, get together with a friend and have a race.

How did you build your boat? How did it work when you put it in water? Did it go straight or did it go around in circles? Did you get it to go far? What could you do to improve your design? Share all of your results with other ZOOMers in our special feedback area. We'll publish a whole bunch of them right here every week.

Some of your Results

Michael, age 5 of Bayside, NY wrote:
it floated.

Mary, age 8 of Chicago, IL wrote:
any time I make a balloon boat the balloons bust.

Clara, age 10 of CA wrote:
when I put it in the water the balloon turns round and the boat sinks

Karla, age 14 of CT wrote:
I did this experiment for science class. And the balloon poped.

Heaven, age 11 of Livingstion, TX wrote:
It floated on the water.

Ashley, age 6 of Florida wrote:
well everybodys was good mines kept blowing. is that supposed to do that

Olivia, age 10 of Town-Jessup, PA wrote:
It floated just like on the show! But the first time we tried, it sunk!

Leia, age 10 of New York, NY wrote:
it was so cool I did it on my birthday everybody liked it. and your show is great

Sheridan, age 10 of Provo, UT wrote:
Actualy this is for junk boats, but I couldn't find one for junk boats, mine surrpased all my expectations and wouldn't sink!

Shawna, age 9 of NF wrote:
it went stright

Sean, age 5 of Moosup, CT wrote:
It sanigk.

Cindy, age 8 of Blackfoot, ID wrote:
I put it in the water and it floated in the water and I made a really small one and that one didn't float and I bet the bigger one was heaver than the small one because I put more balloons in the big one than the smaler one so thats why the smaller one didn't float and the big one did.

Casandra of India wrote:
in acsidint I let the air go and it blastid of

Sloane, age 7 of Visala, CA wrote:
Well, it was a boat floating. It was very cool.

Karen, age 11 of Chicago wrote:
when I tryed it my boat weant fastre

Mackeenzie, age 7 of Oshawa, ON wrote:
The paper boat flooted for one minneint then sank because it got to wet

Janina, age 11 of Costa Mesa, CA wrote:
My balloon boat actually worked! I put a paper boat on the bottom of a balloon. I had to actually tie the boat to the balloon. I went outside, and it flew up, up into the air! I don't even know if it popped yet, or if its still flying.

Alphonso, age 8 of Philadelphia, PA wrote:
it start fling everywhere

Kelsey, age 7 of VA wrote:
it foatdid

Gibson, age 6 of Cranbrook, BC wrote:
it was floating in the bathtub

Kate, age 16 of Phoenix, AZ wrote:
it trund out good

Maliyah, age 10 of Mansfield, OH wrote:
I think the ballon is going to be flat when it sit a long time.

Cj, age 6 of Lansford wrote:
I used a poped ballon and a stick and blow it up and thats how I made it

Laquan, age 13 of Chicago, IL wrote:
The boat stayed up and went far

Bailey, age 16 of Grand Rapids, MN wrote:
The balloon poped in the water and the boat sunk because the balloon.

Clarissa, age 10 of Scottsdale, AZ wrote:
It was really awesome and me and my parents enjoyed it.

Alexis, age 7 of Welcome wrote:
I loved the idea that you made the balloon boat! When I did it, it kind of worked but then it tiped over and I had to jump and get it. I hope you make more arts for me to try and more showes for me to watch.

Anna, age 10 of AL wrote:
The ballons kept falling apart even with tape.

Sanya, age 5 of Aurora, IL wrote:
I love balloon boat!

Breeon, age 10 of Las Vage, NV wrote:
When I made the boat it did not go as pain they I wanted to go, but I sell go to do it right the 2nd time!

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