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Science Rocks!

Balloon and Straw


your results

Sent in by:
Eric of Tinley Park, IL

A bendy straw can make any balloon spin.

Materials Needed

  • balloons
  • bendy straws
  • rubber bands
  • scissors



  1. First, cut about two inches off the bottom of the bendy straw.
  2. Next, blow up a balloon. Put the opening of the balloon around the bottom of the straw. Hold onto the balloon and straw so that you don't let any air out.
  3. While holding the balloon and straw, wrap a rubber band around the balloon so that the balloon stays in place.
  4. Then, bend the top of the straw, put the balloon on the table, let it go, and watch what happens.

In order for the air to get out of the balloon, the air has to turn the corner in the bendy straw. When the air turns the corner, it pushes on the straw and the straw pushes back on the air. The straw then pushes on the balloon and look what happens to the balloon. What do you think will happen if you change the direction that the straw points? Experiment, then send your results to ZOOM!

Some of your Results

Rose, age 7 of Milpitas wrote:
I blowed trough the straw and the balloon went up where ever I wanted it to go

Jada, age 16 of Queens, NC wrote:
when I did this project I blew the balloon with the straw and it only had a little bit air.

Maya, age 11 of Cicero, IL wrote:
the balllon first pop because I think I did it wrong but then I did it and it work

Anna, age 12 of New York, NY wrote:
it popped and made the biggest noise, but then we tryed again and it zoomed across the room

Eva, age 10 of Maretta, GA wrote:
the balloon poped

Prateek, age 8 of MI wrote:
First the balloon went counterclockwise, then clockwise, then counterclockwise, and so on an so forth, until it ran out of air.

Curtis, age 11 of Lewiston, ME wrote:
I put a string through the straw and taped the string to the white board where I had drawn a bull's eye. I blew up the balloon and taped it to the straw. When I let go of the balloon, it shot accross the room. I did this twice and it worked both times. It went about 14 feet.

Isaiah, age 9 of Malone, NY wrote:
The balloon was hard to blow up, it hurt my cheeks. when I let it go it spin in a circle really fast and as it got smaller it moved faster. When I changed the direction of the straw it went in the opposite direction.

Ashley, age 12 of Brainerd, MN wrote:
It didn't pop! it acaully didn't pop!!!

Sam, age 6 of Canton, GA wrote:
it spins in the air all crazy.

Kierra, age 8 of NS wrote:
when I did it it was awesome!

Bailey, age 8 of MD wrote:
The balloons went flying! We had contests to see who could get there ballon the farthest. Lots of fun for all.

Asia, age 14 of Denver, CO wrote:
I tried Balloon and straw in a science fair.

Tionna, age 12 of East Chicago, IN wrote:
It went a little wild but it was great. Thanks for the Science Fair Project.

Mae, age 14 of Oakland, CA wrote:
It spun like a toy race car on the floor.

Joseph, age 7 of Enfield, NS wrote:
It rolled everywhere. It even went right off the table.

Anna, age 15 of Canton, GA wrote:
i was amazed! it was so cool!

Matt of Milford, PA wrote:
All of my students really enjoyed this one! We had races including a championship!!!

Zoe, age 7 of Lethbrige, AB wrote:
the balloon wint smaller

Joe, age 10 of West Unity, OH wrote:
I had a red balloon and I made a paper target and I put glue on the end of the balloon and I shoot the balloon at the target and the target had a pin on the end and when it got there it poped and stuck to the target it was cool.

Jemia, age 8 of Chicago, IL wrote:
the straw had made the balloon pop and made me sceam!!!

Niha, age 6 of Seattle wrote:
The balloon popped! And the straw flew!

Emily, age 11 of Toronto wrote:
it spun crazy lol

Shelby, age 10 of Phoenix, AZ wrote:
The balloon popped

ZOOM Fan of Los Angeles, CA wrote:
when I did it the started to spin out of control in circles it waz kool and weird at the same tym. but im still kinda lost of y thiz iz supposed to be kool

Liz, age 11 of New Mexico wrote:
The balloon made the straw spin!!!

Kaitlyn, age 8 of Regina wrote:
I put the straw in the balloon and I blewup the balloon and It evapterated

Ces, age 12 of Phillippines wrote:
Its amazing I got a perfect score at my science project

Asuka, age 8 of Suzhou wrote:
It was crazy but it was cool too!

ZOOM Fan, age 11 of Miami wrote:
it spun on the floor and it was keep going until the balloon went out and I am the game

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