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Baking Soda Bubbles


your results

Sent in by:
Phoebe of GA

Can you keep bubbles from popping?

Materials Needed

  • 1/4 cup of baking soda
  • 1 cup of vinegar
  • bubbles and a bubble wand (you can get this at most toy stores)
  • 2 large, clear containers, like a clear plastic or glass bowl
  • small clear cup
  • bowl
  • spoon



  1. Check with a grown-up before you begin.
  2. Put 1/4 cup baking soda in a clear container.
  3. Then add 1 cup of vinegar.
  4. The mixture of vinegar and baking soda will bubble. It's making carbon dioxide.
  5. Blow some bubbles into the container and watch how they float on the carbon dioxide. The bubbles are floating where the carbon dioxide and air meet.
  6. The carbon dioxide stays at the bottom of the bowl because it is more dense than the air in the bowl. The bubbles float on top of the carbon dioxide because they are filled with air and the air is less dense than the carbon dioxide.
  7. This will help explain what density means. Pretend that you had two balloons and you filled one with air, and the other one with the same amount of carbon dioxide. The balloons would be the same size, because the gas in them takes up the same amount of space.
  8. But, if you weighed both balloons, the one with the carbon dioxide would be heavier. This means that it's denser than the balloon with air in it.
  9. If you still don't understand density, don't worry. There are lots of people out there who can answer your questions. Talk to your teacher, go to a science museum, visit your local library, or ask your parents.

Try floating bubbles on a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda. What happens? send your results to ZOOM.

Some of your Results

Mayank, age 15 of Shamli wrote:
Huge amount of bubbles are obtained. Pop sound was listen.

Yardana, age 9 of Gold Coast wrote:
I showed it to the class and the bubbles went rising up it was amazing. I got thr best experiment in the class how awesome!

Jacob, age 7 of San Francisco, CA wrote:
I mixed baking soda and dish soap (for thickener), and added vinegar. The mixture foamed and bubbled all over the place.

Sarah, age 10 of Canada, AB wrote:
the bubles over floated and landed on the table

Sophie, age 7 of Bradley wrote:
there was a fountain of fizz

Elise, age 11 of Elk River, MN wrote:
it was so cool I am going to do it agean

Niya, age 10 of Washington, D.C. wrote:
it was so big when it popped it stunk realy bad

Leilani, age 10 of Long Beach, CA wrote:
well once I dropped the baking soda in the vinagar it started to bubble and shoot into the air!

Brad, age 9 of South Riding, VA wrote:
I mixed warm water with an acid like citric acid and a base like baking soda and it got fizzy. It was like a volcano eruption.

Lama, age 8 of TX wrote:
the baking soda will mix with vinigar and bubeles will come out.

Alexa, age 8 of Atlanta, GA wrote:
it fizzed.

Rochelle, age 6 of Austin, TX wrote:
Huge bubbles were forming then popping in my face! I HAD A BLAST!

Tammie, age 11 of Miami Gardens, FL wrote:
when I put certain chemicals in the water, it bubbled.

Samantha, age 15 of San Francisco, CA wrote:
there was lots of bubbles

Jack, age 13 of Foothill Ranch, CA wrote:
A chemical reaction accord, bubbles formed and arose.

Momo, age 11 of Beaufort, SC wrote:
like when you add water to soudiom it wont work but when you add water to baking soda the bubbles will work

Sierra, age 9 of Hudson Falls, NY wrote:
With baking soda it bubbled up and fizzed and went back down With lemon juice when I started pouring it was fizzing and bubbling and went over the edge of the cup stayed for a few minutes

Abby, age 10 of San Antonio, TX wrote:
it was soo awsome there was a huge bubble.

Brenda, age 9 of Sacramento, CA wrote:
it made a buble explotion

Amir, age 5 of Naples, FL wrote:
Made bubbles. Carbon Dioxide stayed at the bottom.

Abby, age 10 of San Antonio, TX wrote:
it was soo awsome there was a huge bubble.

Haley, age 7 of Newsoms, VA wrote:
it went grait bubles stay along time

Shawn, age 7 of Greenwood, IN wrote:
a big bubble came out and it floated till I popped it with my finger

Nora, age 9 of Houston, TX wrote:
The bubbles stayed on top of the baking soda and vinager

Michelle, age 8 of Woodstock, MD wrote:
All the gas from the baking soda popped out!

Destiny/Aniya of Baltimore, MD wrote:
first we got baking soda. then we put the baking soda in a cup. finally we seen bubbles in the cup.

Nehemesis, age 7 of St. Croix wrote:
bubbles went all over the first because I use to much baking soda. it was fun...

Sabrina, age 10 of Chicago, IL wrote:
It was so fun bubbles were everywhere!

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