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Science Rocks!



your results

Sent in by:
Eric of Ponca City, OK

Can you figure out the key to the keystone?

Materials Needed

  • grocery boxes
  • some more grocery boxes
  • and then a few more boxes



  1. Just build it! No more clues!

Some of your Results

Phoebe, age 9 of Wellesley wrote:
It held very strong because I used a lot of tape.

Bailey, age 10 of Bastville, AR wrote:
It stayed and was 3 yards tall and I walked under it.

Maddie, age 10 of Belvidere, IL wrote:
well, it toppled down the first 3 times, but then I started to get the hang of it,(and I got a few more people)

Natalie, age 14 of AK wrote:
I made an Arch for my Science Fair and won first place.

Ashley, age 10 of New York, NY wrote:
i tryed it and it fell down twice and I tryed it a third time and it finnally stayed up!?!

Jadyn, age 9 of Commiskey, IN wrote:
When I made an arch it kept falling down.

Jenna, age 8 of Bells, TN wrote:
It fell on me a few times and then it finally stood up!

Ashley, age 12 of Hamlin, NY wrote:
It fell down so I put it back up and it stayed I was so happy it was a great project to try to do!!!

Tara, age 11 of Bonham, TX wrote:
I timed it and it stayed up for 15sec. Then it fell on me!

Kaylie, age 9 of Muscatine, IA wrote:
It kept on falling over. Try to make an arch without having it fall over. Try to use tape or glue and any kind of matrial that you think would stay together. I used paper that kept on falling over cause it didn't have enough weght into it so it fell over. Hope you try it!!! P. S. try to make it look like the st. louis arch.

Stephanie, age 10 of Mcmurray, PA wrote:
It didn't really work because it wasn't strong enough.

Luna, age 8 of New York City, NY wrote:
When it is samll it can't fall down. But when it is larger it will fall.

Katina, age 11 of St. Louis, MO wrote:
It stayed up for about 30 seconds then it fell.

Madeline, age 8 of Evergreen Pk, IL wrote:
I tried it and it fell down so I had to put it up agian and this time it stayed up.

Katie S., age 8 of Kirtland, OH wrote:
It fell over two times, but finally it stayed.

Danielle H., age 11 of Gorham, ME wrote:
When I did it I used 17 cups. I called every 2 cups a box because they were the bib cups. So it would have been 8 1/2 boxes. It turned out to be 44 inches tall. I had them close enough so that 1/2 a box would be enough for the arch part. I did not need help from a trained octupus!!!

Lay N., age 10 of Charlotte wrote:
Well, when I built it I measured it in inches. It was 10 feet high. It was so high so I have to used a ladder (small). The arch stayed there for a month and half.

Megan B., age 13 of Pittsburgh, PA wrote:
When I tried mine it got it at least as high as 52" because I could walk through i,t but then when I went to measure it my dumb brother knocked it down so I didn't get to measure it exactly, so I figure since I am 52" tall it had to of been at least that high.

Andrea D. of Farmington Hills, MI wrote:
Mine fell a lot, but when I got it to stay up, it was tall enough for a 5ft person (me) to fit under it.

Katelyn, age 12 of Long Branch, NJ wrote:
It took me some time to make it big enough. It fell down ALOT but I finally got it to stay and it stayed for about 10 minutes!

Loretta S., age 12 of Maplewood, NJ wrote:
I just tride my best

Rachel B., age 11 of Auburn, IN wrote:
I got an arch 6 feet tall. My dad is really tall so he had to help me with the top boxes. My friend Colby M. helped us and together the arched stayed there for 3 days.

Amber E., age 9 of Oak Forest, IL wrote:
When I finished my arch I measured it in centimeters. It was 111 centimeters high and it stayed there for a month.

Tiffany H., age 11 of Dyersburg, TN wrote:
I built one. It stayed up for about 2 weeks.

Zachary M., age 8 of Muscatine, IA wrote:
Well when I did it I put a little to many boxes on and it fell over.

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