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Ya Reckon?

By Virginia of OR

Fisherman 1
Fisherman 2
Alien Leader (voice offstage)
Alien 1
Alien 2
2 fishing poles (you can use wooden dowels with string attached); small cut-out of a fish attached to Fisherman 1's pole; a fishing net; bushes (you can make cut-outs from cardboard); chewing gum; tape measure; alien measuring device and alien fishing device (make them up!); small cut-out of Fisherman 1 attached to alien fishing device. Costumes: fisherman hats for Fishermen 1 and 2; alien masks (try green make-up and antennae on a headband); brown sweatshirt and brown and white make-up for cow.

SETTING: A lake.


(Fisherman 1 and Fisherman 2 cast their lines into the lake. Both look bored and are chewing gum.)

Fisherman 1:
Ya reckon' it's gonna rain soon?

Fisherman 2:
I don't rightly know, but I sure hope so. I reckon it's been pretty dry lately.

Fisherman 1:
I reckon.

(A pause, both look bored. The cow is standing in the background.)


(Fisherman 1 is suddenly surprised and starts to pull back on pole.)

Fisherman 1:
I reckon I got myself a fish!

(Both fishermen are very excited.)

Fisherman 2:
I reckon I best get the net then!

(Fisherman 2 gets net ready for Fisherman 1.)

Fisherman 1:
I reckon it's a whop...

(Fisherman 1 lets voice drop as he pulls a very small fish from the lake. Both fishermen look disappointed. Fisherman 2 measures the fish with the tape measure.)

Fisherman 2:
I reckon he's too small. Throw him back.

(Fisherman 1 throws fish into lake. Just as he starts to cast again, Alien 1 and Alien 2 jump from the bushes and gently take Fisherman 1 into the woods where the Alien Leader is waiting.)


(Aliens speak with tinny, mechanical voices.)

Alien 1:
We caught something sir!

(Aliens 1 and 2 salute their Leader, who is offstage. They show him the little cut-out of Fisherman 1 attached to their fishing device.)

Alien Leader (offstage, with big booming voice):
It's too small. Put it back where you found it.

Alien 2:
But sirrrr...

Aliens 1 and 2:
Oh alright!


(Aliens take Fisherman 1 and put him back next to Fisherman 2, who is still fishing. Fisherman 1 quickly shakes his head and looks, spellbound, at Fisherman 2.)

Fisherman 2:
So, ya reckon it's gonna rain?


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