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Playhouse: The plays you've seen on ZOOM

The Phone Call

By Rachel of Timberville, VA

Person number 1
Person number 2
2 phones, 2 suitcases, shirts, skirts, socks, clocks, sandals, candles, jeans, cans of green beans, shorts, quarts of milk, blanket, model plane kit, sunscreen, ice cream.

SETTING: Two ZOOMers are talking on phones in different homes while packing for summer camp.

(Sound of phone: RRRRINNNNG!)

Person number 1:

Person number 2:
Hey, I can't wait for summer camp! Have you packed yet?

Person number 1:
Actually, I'm packing right now!

Person number 2:
Hey, me too! What are you packing?

Person number 1:
Well, I'm packing shirts.

(Packs shirts while saying this.)

Person number 2:
(Skirts?) Got that.

(Packs skirts.)

Person number 1:
And of course socks.

(Packs socks.)

Person number 2:
(Clocks?) Hmm. Well I guess that might come in handy.

(Packs clocks.)

Person number 1:
Don't forget your sandals!

(Packs sandals.)

Person number 2:
(Candles?) Wow, you think of everything.

(Packs candles.)

Person number 1:
I'm also packing a few jeans.

(Packs jeans.)

Person number 2:
(Beans?) You really like them that much?

(Packs few cans of green beans.)

Person number 1:
Sure, I love 'em! Don't forget shorts!

(Packs shorts.)

Person number 2:
(Quarts?) All right. Got that.

(Packs quarts of milk.)

Person number 1:
And, we're each supposed to take a blanket.

(Packs a blanket.)

Person number 2:
(Plane kit?) Do you really think we'll need one?

(Packs a model plane kit.)

Person number 1:
Of course. Mom says I should pack some sunscreen.

(Packs sunscreen.)

Person number 2:
(Ice cream?) Oh, great idea! That'll make camp a lot more fun!

(Packs ice cream.)

Person number 1:
I think that's all! See you at the bus in half an hour!

(Picks up neatly packed bag.)

Person number 2:
Okay, see you in two hours. Bye!

(Both hang up. Person number 1 exits with bag. Person number 2 tries to shove everything into bag.)

Wow, this camp must be really weird!

(Picks up messy bag and exits.)


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