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Playhouse: The plays you've seen on ZOOM

The Chin Play

Based on an idea sent in by Erin of Pleasant Grove, UT

Bill Billy (Newscaster)
Jill Jilly (Newscaster)
I.C. Weather (Weatherman)
Ivana Know (Reporter)
Contestant number 1
Contestant number 2
Contestant number 3
Table, face paint, yarn, fabric (to make clothing), small chin-sized clothes, large weather map, small sunglasses, small sunscreen, big floppy hat, mini sun, mini cream puff pies, mini pillow, mini teddy bear, mini blanket, theme music. Costumes: All characters have eyes and noses drawn on their chins and are upside down so they look like chin people. Chins are also fitted with clothing. Draw eyes and nose on chin with face paint, place length of yarn on top of chin for hair, hang skirt or cloth off nose for clothes.

SETTING: A newsroom, then on location at a pie eating contest.


(Two newscasters, Bill Billy and Jill Jilly, sit as "anchor people" at the news desk.)

Bill Billy:
Welcome to ZOOM News. I'm Bill Billy...

Jill Jilly:
And I'm Jill Jilly. On today's news, a special live report from the Pie in the Sky Pie Eating Contest.

Bill Billy:
But first let's get the latest weather forecast from the guy who sees it all, I.C. Weather! I.C.?

(I.C. Weather is in front of large weather map with small props of sunglasses, sunscreen and big floppy hat.)

I.C. Weather:
Thanks Bill and Jill. Today I predict....SUN. Don't forget your sunglasses, sunscreen, and...big, floppy hat!

(I.C. Weather next picks up small props of pillow, blanket and teddy bear.)

And tonight I predict...DARK. Don't forget your pillow, blankie and teddy bear! Back to you Bill and Jill.


Bill Billy:
Thanks I.C.

Jill Jilly:
And now a live report from the Pie in the Sky Pie Eating Contest. Here's our roving reporter, Ivana Know.


(News reporter Ivana Know interviews Contestant number 3.)

Ivana Know:
Thanks Bill and Jill. You might recognize the person standing next to me, of course it's the winner of last year's pie eating contest, Patty Cake. Tell us Patty, how many pies did you eat last year?

Contestant number 3:
Ummm...27 pies.

Ivana Know:
Woah, that's a lot of pies. Good luck, Patty. May the best pie eater win.

(Ivana Know turns to the contest itself. Three contestants, with Contestant number 3 in the middle, stick their chins into mini cream puff pies. Ivana Know narrates the contest.)

Ivana Know:
The pies are in place. The contestants are ready.

(The sound of a starting bell.)

And they're off.

(Contestant number 1, Contestant number 3, and Contestant number 2 eat pies and get messy.)

Wow, this is exciting! Now back to Bill Billy and Jill Jilly.

Jill Jilly:
(With a fake laugh.)

Well, I'm full just watching.

Bill Billy:
And that wraps up today's newscast. I'm Bill Billy.

Jill Jilly:
And I'm Jill Jilly. Have a nice day and remember to always keep your chin up!

(Theme music comes in. Jill Jilly and Bill Billy pretend to shuffle papers and talk to each other just like on TV news.)


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