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Playhouse: The plays you've seen on ZOOM


By Alisha of Glendale, MD

Store Clerk
Customer 1
Customer 2
Customer 3
Sign that says "Mike's Candy"; table for store counter; stationary ladder; shelves with jars of miscellaneous candy; glass jars filled with miscellaneous candy; jar filled with jellybeans; cash register; hand bell; dimes and pennies; scale for weighing candy; feather boa made into a pet dog. Costumes: Striped red and white outfit with an apron that says "Mike's Candy" for the Store Clerk; regular guy costume for Customer 1; glamorous woman costume for Customer 2; little girl costume for Customer 3.

SETTING: A Store Clerk is standing at his countertop serving Customer 1.

Hello, Can I have 10 cents' worth of jellybeans?

(Sighs. )

Well, I have to go get the ladder and climb up to the 15th shelf to get the jellybeans. OK, I'll be right back.

(The Store Clerk climbs up a ladder behind the counter and climbs out of sight. After rummaging through the shelves, with things falling all over the place, the Store Clerk comes back from climbing and is out of breath. He has a huge jellybean jar.)

Store Clerk:
Here you go.

(He gives the Customer his 10 cents' worth. Customer 1 hands Store Clerk 10 cents.)

Customer 1:
Thank you. Bye.

Store Clerk:
Have a wonderful day.

(Customer 1 leaves the store. Store Clerk climbs up ladder and returns jelly beans to the high shelf. Customer 2 enters with a fluffy animal and rings the hand bell.)

Customer 2:
Hello, may we have 10 cents' worth of jellybeans, please?

Store Clerk:
(Out of breath.)

OK, be right back, just a moment.

(The Store Clerk climbs up the ladder again. The Store Clerk comes back with the beans.)

10 cents' worth of jellybeans, coming right up.

(The Store Clerk hands Customer 2 10 cents' worth of jellybeans.)

Customer 2:
Thank you. Come along, Foo Foo.

(Customer 2 leaves the store as Customer 3 walks in.)

Customer 3:
Hello may I have...

Store Clerk :
Let me guess. You want 10 cents' worth of jellybeans.

Customer 3:

Store Clerk:
OK, good, I can put these away. I'll be right back to help you.

Customer 3:

Store Clerk:
No, it's OK. I'll be with you in a moment.

(The Store Clerk climbs the ladder and puts the jellybeans away. Lots of stuff falls from the shelves. When he gets back he is very tired and out of breath.)

Store Clerk:
OK, now, Miss, what would you like?

Customer 3:
May I have 11 cents' worth of jelly beans, please?

(The Store Clerk looks at the audience with an exasperated look.)


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