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Elevator Music

Inspired by an idea from Jason of Cape May, NJ

Construction Worker
2 Delivery People
Metal lunch box (for Construction Worker); change purse and necklace (for Woman); clipboard and pen (for Businessman); straw in cup (for Businesswoman). Costumes: Hard hat (for Construction Worker); jean jacket (for Woman); business attire (for Businesswoman and Businessman); caps or coveralls (for Delivery People).

SETTING: An elevator.

(Construction Worker, Woman, Businessman and Businesswoman get into an elevator. One by one, they start playing rhythms on everyday materials in the following ways: tapping on a metal lunch box, shaking a change purse, tapping a pen on a clipboard, and moving a straw up and down in a plastic cup.)

(They arrive at their floor, still playing rhythms, and two Delivery People step up to get on the elevator. Construction Worker, Woman, Businessman and Businesswoman leave the elevator, leaving Delivery People looking extremely puzzled.)

Delivery Person::
What was that?


not yet implemented