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Beeping Sleauty

Debbie of Indianapolis, IN

Sleeping Beauty
Daring Prince
Good Fairy
Bad Fairy.
Dragon body part on a stick; fire on a stick; spinning wheel; shield; magic sword; party props; hourglass. Costumes: Standard ZOOMish fairy tale costumes for each character including a jester costume for the narrator
Note: This story is told in Spoonerisms. A Spoonerism is a funny word trick where you take words that are next to each other in a sentence and swap their first sounds. For example, "Sleeping Beauty" becomes "Beeping Sleauty," and "Jack and the Beanstalk" becomes "Back and the Jeanstalk!"

Once upon a time in a faraway land there lived a Quing and Keen (King and Queen) who were sad because they had no children.

Everyone says that it's sery vad (very sad).

Then one day came nappy hews (happy news).

We are going to bave a haby (have a baby).

King :
O, that is nappy hews, dear Keen!

A parling drincess (darling princess) was born and the entire Quingdom rejoiced.

To celebrate the birth of the new drincess, let's have a parge larty (large party).

We can invite everyone, including all the food gairies (good fairies).

(A royal party.)

Everyone came to the larty, including a fad bairy (bad fairy).

(Bad Fairy enters.)

Evil Fairy:
You did not invite me to the parge larty, Quing and Keen!

But you're not a food gairie.

Evil Fairy:
Just for that I will put a corrible hurse (horrible curse) on the tiny drincess. On her sixteenth birthday she will fick her pringer on the sphindle of a winning spheel and she'll be in trig bubble! (she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel, and she'll be in big trouble)

(The Bad Fairy disappears in a puff of smoke.)

De shisappeared (She disappeared)!

In a smuff of poke (puff of smoke)!

(The Good Fairy steps forward, towards the King and Queen.)

Good Fairy:
Dear Quing and Keen, I can change the corrible hurse so that the drincess will fall in a sleep dumber (deep slumber), until wakened by love's kirst fiss (first kiss).

Have all the winning spheels in the Quingdom burned!

Even so, on her 16th birthday the drincess did fick her pringer on a sphindle and fell into a sleep dumber high in a cower of the tastle (tower of the castle).

(The Princess walks into a room, sees a spinning wheel and pricks her finger on it. The Princess falls asleep and starts to snore. Everyone in the Quingdom also fell into a sleep dumber. Hour glass shows the passage of time.)

Hundreds of years passed. She became known as Beeping Sleauty (Sleeping Beauty). Several paring drinces (daring princes) tried to rescue her, but none could get past the thrines and vorns (vines and thorns) that had grown around the castle.

One day a paring drince rode by on his great hite whorse (white horse).

Would you look at all those thrines and vorns! Fortunately, I just happen to have this swagic mord (magic sword).

(The Prince hacks away.)

Suddenly the fad bairy appeared.

(The Bad Fairy appears in a puff.)

Look at that smuff of poke!

The evil gairy transformed herself into a drient gagon (giant dragon).

Look at this, gagon! Gagon, you bemble trefore my swagic mord! (tremble before my magic sword)

(The Prince flexes and holds up his shield and magic sword. Instead of attacking, the dragon flees.)

The drince now had to find Beeping Sleauty.

Look at that parling drincess! Beeping Sleauty at last. You are so sleautiful, I just have to fiss you.

(The Prince holds up his shield as if to kiss the PRINCESS behind it. The Princess awakens.)

Look at that parling Drince! O fiss me again. Fiss me again!

Narrator :
Don't you just love endy happings? (happy endings)

(End with dancing, confetti, medieval music, and general merriment.)


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