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A Silent Movie Play (A Picnic in the Park)

By the ZOOMers

Couple 1 (Woman 1 and Man 1)
Couple 2 (Woman 2 and Man 2)
Pie Thief 1
Pie Thief 2
Police Officer
Narrator (this person holds up the title cards)
picnic blanket and picnic basket; pies; fishing poles (you can use wooden dowels with string attached); "lost kitty" poster; a tree and a bush (you can make cardboard cut-outs); title cards. (See the script below for what should be written on each title card.) Costumes: suits for men; dresses for women; black eye masks for thieves; navy jacket for police officer.

SETTING: A park.

(Note: Have you ever seen a silent movie? Before movies had sound, they were silent and actors had to tell their stories without words. This is a silent movie play! So remember, you have to act everything out -- no talking.)


(Couple 1 are seated by a bush with a picnic basket. They open the basket and set out their picnic.)

(Man 1 tries to nibble the food. Woman 1 stops him by mouthing the words:)

(TITLE CARD: "Not yet!")

(Couple 2 enter and join them. Hugs and greetings.)

(Man 2 reveals two cream pies and puts them down front on the picnic blanket. Man 1 reaches for a nibble. Woman 1 scolds him.)

(The two Pie Thieves enter with fishing poles, but no fish.)

(TITLE CARD: "No fish today.")

(The Pie Thieves see the picnickers and the pies! Pie Thief 1 rubs her tummy.)

(TITLE CARD: "I'm hungry!")

(The Pie Thieves put poles down and hide behind the bush. They scratch their heads. Pie Thief 2 mouths the words:)

(TITLE CARD: "How do we get those pies?")

(Pie Thief 1 sees a "Lost Kitty" poster on a tree and gets an idea.)

(TITLE CARD: "I have an idea!")

(Pie Thief 1 explains her idea to Pie Thief 2.)

(Couple 1 and Couple 2 are picnicking. Pie Thief 1 enters with the "Lost Kitty" poster. She shows the poster to the picnickers and pretends to cry, saying:)

(TITLE CARD: "Have you seen my kitty?")

(Meanwhile, Pie Thief 2 sneaks around and grabs the pies. Pie Thief 1 thanks picnickers and exits behind bush.)

(Couple 1 and Couple 2 discover the pies are missing.)

(Woman 1 points in the direction of Pie Thief 1.)

(TITLE CARD: "Follow those pies!")

(They ALL run off, except for Man 1, who grabs one last handful of food. Woman 1 pulls him along.)


(Couple 1 and Couple 2 find a Police Officer and tell her that their pies were stolen. Police Officer turns to the direction of the Pie Thieves and mouths the words:)

(TITLE CARD: "Bring back those pies!")

(Police Officer chases the Pie Thieves across the stage.)


(The Pie Thieves run across stage and exit, followed by Police Officer, then Couple 1 and Couple 2.)

(Pie Thief 1 runs across stage chased by Police Officer.)

(Pie Thief 2 runs across stage chased by Couple 2 and Couple 1.)


(The Pie Thieves run in and see that they have lost everyone. Relieved, the Pie Thieves sit down to eat the pies.)

(Pie Thief 1 decides she wants Pie Thief 2's pie. The Pie Thieves play tug of war with pie.)

(Police Officer enters and Couple 1 and Couple 2 follow.)

(Pie Thief 1 gives one last tug on the pie, pulling it out of Pie Thief 2's hands and into Police Officer's face.)

(Pie Thief 2 and Man 1 have a tug of war over the remaining pie. Pie ends up in Man 1's face.)

(Police Officer picks up what's left of her pie and throws it at Pie Thief 2. The pie hits Pie Thief 2 in the face.)

(Pie Thief 1 laughs at Pie Thief 2's messy face. Woman 1 is angry and picks up what's left of Man 1's pie and throws it at Pie Thief 1. The pie hits Pie Thief 1 in the face.)

(Police Officer grabs the Pie Thieves by the arms, mouthing the words:)

(TITLE CARD: "You're under arrest!")

(They exit.)

(Couple 1 and Couple 2 are left with no pies. Man 1 happily licks the pie off of his face and eats it.)


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