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A Day at the Juice Bar

Inspired by an idea sent in by Michael of Bridgeport, NE

Juice Waiter
Dog Groomer
Table with stools;gardening belt with tools;feather duster;drinking glasses;juice bottles;towel to clean glasses;notebook with pen;camera with flash;fake picture of Cuddles the Dog;Costumes: Reporter's hat for Reporter, big horn rim glasses for Inventor, everyday clothes.


(Juice Waiter is cleaning some glasses and looking a little frustrated. Reporter walks in.)

Juice Waiter:
Hey, why the long face?

(Reporter exhales a big breath.)

I need to write a great story for my newspaper by tomorrow or I'm out of a job. How about a carrot juice? Maybe that'll make me feel better.

Juice Waiter:
You think you have problems? I have the biggest, cuddliest dog in the world except everyone's afraid of him. His fur is so tangled up and dirty that people thinks he's a ferocious animal. Take a look at this picture of Cuddles.

(Shows picture of Cuddles. Sound effect of growling.)

Yikes! I see what you mean!

(Dog Groomer walks in, sits at counter and sighs.)

Reporter and Juice Waiter:
Hey, why the long face?

Dog Groomer:
My dog grooming business is going down hill. It's shedding season for dogs and I can't keep up with all the dog fur clipping. It's piled up to the roof. I can't even see my customers! Do you think I can have a banana shake? Maybe that'll make me feel better.

(Gardener walks in, sits at counter and sighs.)

Dog Groomer, Reporter and Juice Waiter:
Hey, why the long face?

I'm having problems being a gardener. Everyone tells me that I don't have the right gardening tools to work in their gardens! No one will hire me!

Juice Waiter:
How about a strawberry smoothie? That'll make you feel better.

(Inventor walls in.)

Dog Groomer, Reporter, Gardener, Juice Waiter:
Hey, why the long face?

Well, allow me to introduce myself. I'm inventor Pogo Puddlesworth and everyone thinks that my inventions are crazy. I can't get anyone to buy them. For example, look at this new invention I just created! I call it "The Super Suction Dog Hair Sucker." It has wonderful scissors that will clip not only dog hair, but the grandest gardens as well. And it instantly cleans up the mess in seconds!!!

Dog Groomer, Gardener, Inventor, Reporter and Juice Waiter:

That's perfect! I'll buy it! I'm really in need of a great gardening tool!

Dog Groomer:
And I desperately need something like that to clean up my dog grooming shop! Maybe I can hire you to help me!

Juice Waiter:
And I can bring Cuddles to your shop to have him groomed!

Hey! Now, I have a story to write for my newspaper! " The Scintillating Super Dog Hair Sucker Saves The Day!" Let's toast to that!

Dog Groomer, Reporter, Inventor, Gardener, Juice Waiter:

Quick, let me take a picture.

(Everyone gathers around.)



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