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ZOOMroom Card Trick

Sent in by:
Arelitsa of Boothbay Harbor, ME

A card trick the ZOOMers like to play.


Stuff You'll Need

  • deck of cards

How to do it

  1. Take the jokers out of the deck. Then, make sure that you have 52 cards, otherwise the trick won't work.
  2. Shuffle your cards.
  3. Put your cards into piles so that each pile equals 13 using this formula: the value of the first card plus the number of cards in the pile equals 13.
  4. So, if you put down a 5, you'd have to put 8 more cards on that pile because 8 plus 5 equals 13.
  5. A Jacks equals 11, so you'd add two cards because 11 plus 2 equals 13.
  6. A Queen is 12, so you'd add 1 card.
  7. And a King equals 13, so you wouldn't need to add any cards to that pile.
  8. If you have any leftover cards hold onto them.
  9. Have a friend turn over three of the piles.
  10. Then pick up the rest of the piles and add them to the leftover cards in your hand.
  11. Have your friend turn over the top card on two of the three piles - say they turn over a 3 on one pile and a 5 on the other.
  12. Add these two cards together and then add ten to that number. So, a 3 plus a 5 equals 8 plus 10 equals 18.
  13. Take the cards in your hand and count out 18 cards.
  14. The number of cards left in your hand will give you the value of the top card on the third pile.
  15. So, if you have 6 cards left in your hand, the top card of the third pile will be a 6.
  16. There you have it!
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