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Sent in by:
David of Columbus, OH

Weightlessness: Not just for outer space anymore!


Stuff You'll Need

  • Styrofoam cup
  • water
  • scissors

How to do it

  1. With scissors or a pencil, poke two holes in the Styrofoam cup on opposite sides near the bottom.
  2. You might want to do this next part outside, over a bucket, or in a bathtub. Fill the cup with water, so that water is pouring out of the holes.
  3. If you drop the cup, what do you think will happen to the water coming out of the holes while the cup falls?
  4. Will the water come out of the holes faster, will it come out of the top of the cup, or will it stop pouring out of the cup all together? Try it out.
  5. Did you see that the water stopped pouring out of sides of the cup?
  6. When you're holding the cup of water, the water falls out the holes because of gravity.
  7. But when the cup and the water fall together, the water doesn't have to pour out of the holes to get down, it just moves with the cup.
  8. If you stop the cup from falling by catching it in mid-air, the water would pour out of the holes again. Try it out.
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