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Water Magnifier

Sent in by:
Maddy of Lake Oswego, OR

Did you know that liquids can act like a magnifying glass?


Stuff You'll Need

  • plastic wrap
  • washer
  • paper with writing on it
  • water
  • medicine dropper or straw

How to do it

  1. Put plastic wrap on top of a piece of paper that has writing on it.
  2. Next, put a washer down over a word and use a medicine dropper or straw to put a couple drops of water in the center of the washer.
  3. Look at the letters through the water.
  4. See how they look bigger?
  5. The water magnifies because as light goes through the water drop, the water bends the light and makes the letters look wider. It works differently with different liquids because they all bend light different amounts.
  6. What happens if you use maple syrup instead of water?
not yet implemented