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Paper Towel Chromatography

Sent in by:
Hilary of Plainsboro, NJ.

Colors makes color! Separate different colors from a marker.


Stuff You'll Need

  • paper towels
  • washable colored markers
  • water
  • eye dropper

How to do it

  1. Draw a circle on a paper towel using a washable color marker.
  2. Add drops of water to the center of the circle, one-drop at a time until the water spreads outside the circle.
  3. The water allows the colors in the ink to separate.
  4. As the water moves through the paper towel, it leaves behind the individual colors that had been mixed together in the marker.
  5. Find out how many colors you can get to come out of one marker. Or, see if all brands of markers use the same color combinations.
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