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ZOOM Obstacle Course
Sent in by: Evan of Woodstock, NY

Create your own ZOOMy obstacle course.

This game is for 4 or more players and should be played outside or in an open area.

To play, you need: eggs, stools or chairs, rope and balloons.

First you have to set up an obstacle course. Be creative with your course.

The ZOOMers rolled an egg with their nose, put the egg in a bucket, and then ran backwards until they got to a pair of stools that had a rope tied between them. They shimmied under the rope on their stomachs and then put a balloon between their legs. Then, with the balloon between their legs, they ran back to the starting line.

Split into two even teams and on the word "go," start the race.

When players get back to their teams, they tag the next person in line.

The first team to complete the course first wins.


not yet implemented