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ZOOMer Winter Olympics
Sent in by: The ZOOMers

Let the games begin... again!

This is a game for two or more players.

The real Winter Olympics have many different sports events where the most amazing athletes compete to see who wins... and so do the ZOOMer Olympics! Here's how to hold your own ZOOMer Winter Olympics:

You'll want to divide up into two teams. Each team will compete in a variety of events. The team that wins each event gets one point. The team to get the most points wins the cardboard gold medal! Here are the events that the ZOOMers played, but you can make up your own events too.


two ice cubes, each dyed different colors

a large cardboard box that has a flat surface and a slope

Each "bobsledder" has to blow their ice cubes across the flat surface to the slope. The ice cube then slides down the slope, just like a bobsled. The player whose ice cube flies down the track first wins.

Figure Skating

three signs that say, "Upright Spin," Seated Spin," and "Triple Axel"

starting line


This is a race where each "skater" has to complete three moves. The player who completes all three moves first wins. The first station is the "Upright Spin," where you spin around once on the floor on one foot. The second station is the "Seated Spin," where you spin around once on your bottom, like a breakdance move. The third and final station is the "Triple Axel." You have to jump 360° three times. Try to land on one foot as well. The ZOOMers slide out to each station on their socks, and are racing to complete each move. The ZOOMer who completes each skating trick and slides back to the starting line wins the figure skating event.


two cardboard box tops decorated with a track and paper flags

two ping pong balls

The object of this race is to steer a ping pong ball through pairs of flags by tipping the cardboard frame back and forth. The first "skier" to navigate her ball between all of the flag pairs wins the event.


not yet implemented