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ZOOMer Olympics
Sent in by: Nick of Grand Island, NE

Let the games begin!

This is a game for 6 or more players.

The real Olympics have many different sports events where the most amazing athletes compete to see who wins... and so do the ZOOMer Olympics! Here's how to hold your own ZOOMer Olympics:

You'll want to divide up into two teams. Each team will compete in a variety of events. The team that wins each event gets one point. The team to get the most points wins the cardboard gold medal! Here are the events that the ZOOMers played, but you can make up your own events too.

400 Centimeter Dash

two 4-meter tracks for a mini 400 cm. dash

doll sneakers and shorts for fingers

To run this race, mark off the floor with strips of masking tape that are 400 centimeters (4 meters) apart. Put the doll shorts and shoes on your fingers and race against an opponent from the other team. Make sure you keep your fingertips on the floor, like a real runner would!


2 tubs filled with water (This is your pool.)

2 corks with photos of the people playing taped to them (These are your swimmers.)

Each "swimmer" blows his cork across the water. The swimmer that makes it across first wins.


cotton swabs

For the javelin throw, you will be throwing cotton swabs. Tape a strip of masking tape on the floor about 5 meters away. Try to throw three cotton swabs as close to the tape as you can without going past it. The player that throws their swab the closest to the line wins the event.


rubber bands

2 cardboard targets

Make two targets out of paper by drawing concentric circles. Try to hit the target with rubber bands. The archer who hits the target five times first gets the point for her team.

High Dive

2 cups of water

20 pennies

Each team gets a cup of water, a chair, and ten pennies. Stand on a chair and try to toss your pennies, one at a time, into a cup of water below. The person to get the most pennies into the cup wins the event and gets the point for his team.

When all of the games are completed, the team with more points wins the gold.

Are you ready?

Let the games BEGIN!


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