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Water Balloon Race
Sent in by: Holly of Wittmann, AZ

Look Ma, no hands!

This game is for 4 or more players and should be played outside in an open area on a warm day.

First, check with an adult before you play since you'll probably get pretty wet.

To play you'll need a bunch of water balloons and something to mark the end of the course. (You could use empty soda bottles.)

Split into two teams.

On the word "go," the first player on each team puts a water balloon under his chin, races to the end of the course and back.

When he gets back to his team, he has to pass the water balloon to the next player without using his hands.

If the balloon breaks, the player has to go get a new balloon and start over.

If the balloon falls but doesn't break, the player has to pick it up, put it back under his chin without using his hands, and keep going.

The first team to finish wins.


not yet implemented