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Ulu Maika
Sent in by: Amber of Hoolehua, Molokai, HI

A Hawaiian game that's a little like bowling.

This game used to be played with slices of green breadfruit called ulu and wooden stakes, but it can be played using tennis balls and two 2-liter soda bottles full of water.

It's good to play this game outside because it needs lots of room.

To set up the game, put the two soda bottles in the middle of the playing field about 6 inches apart.

Then, draw two lines, about 30 feet from each of the soda bottles.

One player stands on one line; the other player stands on the other.

The object of the game is to get the ball to roll in between the two soda bottles. The player who gets the ball between the soda bottles five times wins.


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