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Toothbrush Balloon
Sent in by: Ryan of Salem, MA

Play toothbrush balloon twice a day for a healthier, shinier smile!

This game is for 4 or more players and should be played outside or in an open area.

To play, you need old toothbrushes (one for each player,) a balloon, and something to use as a net (a volleyball net works well).

Form two even teams and give each player a toothbrush.

This game is played like volleyball, but instead of using your hands to hit a volleyball over the net, you use a toothbrush to hit a balloon.

You can hit the balloon as many times as you want to get it over the net. But, if you hit the balloon and it falls on the ground before going over the net, or it goes out-of-bounds, the other team gets a point.

The first team to get three points wins.


not yet implemented